Never challenge L.A.X to a sport. Any sport.

The man is comfortable on every court, table and pitch you can think of. 

"I am an all-round sportsman," the Nigerian musician tells us. "So fitness, table tennis, volleyball, tennis, basketball is my language." 

He brings this versatility to his music: new single Faster has "an infusion of three different sounds, Afrobeats, Dancehall and Ampiano vibes."

Probably best not challenge him to a sing-off, either. 

Board games, however? You might have a chance at board games. Bring out the Monopoly! 


What upcoming projects are you most excited about?

I am excited about my next single ’Faster’ – I can’t wait to release it. It has an infusion of three different sounds, Afrobeats, Dancehall and Ampiano vibes.

I can’t wait for people to hear it! It’s definitely one to get people up on the dance floor.

What is your proudest professional accomplishment?

Winning Nigerian Entertainment Award for “Diaspora Artist Of The Year’ in 2013 was definitely a highlight for me.

At the time I was studying my masters in the UK so I was very busy focusing on that whilst also putting a lot of time and energy in to music.

It was amazing to be recognised for the handwork, I always make sure to celebrate the great milestones.

If you could change one thing about your career, what would it be?

I never regret anything, I wouldn’t want to change anything. Growth is so important to me so I’m more excited about the future more than anything.

What do you hope to achieve that you haven’t yet?

Good question, I really want to win a Grammy, that would be a huge achievement. Also selling out the O2 in London is a dream of mine.

In terms of musical collaborations, I would love to work on a song with Drake.

Outside of your family, who is / was your biggest inspiration?

Other than my Dad, I would have to say Kevin Hart.

I love everything about him in terms of his branding, his story, his talent and how he operates as a businessman.

Tell us something nobody knows about you…

People don’t know I play football so well. I’m a top striker, one of the best players you would ever meet, haha.

I’m joking but I am an all-round sportsman so fitness, table tennis, volleyball, tennis, basketball is my language and people might not know that.


What’s your favourite item of clothing – and what does it mean to you? My

Nike Air Force Ones! The shoe is very dear to me and always has been.

You can’t beat a fresh white pair, it’s a bonus that they are so comfortable too.

Favourite accessory – watch / jewellery / etc – and why is it special to you?

Definitely my Gucci ring! I have had it for around 5/6 years now so it has almost become a part of me.

What items do you take on holiday and why?

I always make sure I travel with my AirPods.

I always need to listen to my music when I’m on the go, I would definitely be lost without them.

Is there an item you threw away – or lost – that you really miss? •

I miss my Rolex! I had it for just over a month, its something that was very expensive so to answer your next question – that is definitely next up on my shopping list! 

What's next on your shopping list? 

See above! 

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