What’s the best night out (that you can remember)?

I actually don’t go out that much out apart from DJ’ing of course, but the best night I’ve had was when I met my girlfriend after playing S2O in Bangkok. My photographer and I both went to bed after the show and were texting each other. Our outbound flight was in six hours and we didn’t know whether we should go to sleep or stay up. We had an after party invite and went there instead of sleeping. Looking back, that was one of the best decisions ever as I wouldn’t have met my girlfriend otherwise. An amazing night!

What’s your worst night out experience? (Where it all went a bit Pete Tong…!)

I don’t really have many worst nights. I think I speak for everyone when saying that I’ve obviously learned my lessons and limits when I was younger, but with time I’ve really learned where my limits are at and not to exceed those! But yes, the worst night would have to be when I was younger and didn’t know how much I could drink yet ..

Have you ever said, ‘do you know who I am?’

I have never said that to be honest, I enjoy when I don’t get recognised! It enables me to be myself and not met with expectations of who I am or who they think I’m supposed to be. I would never say it or be tempted to say it!

What’s your best celebrity anecdote?

Oh wow… I’m not sure I have one haha! That’s pretty boring. I’m sorry!

One gig in Amsterdam during ADE there were 0 people in the club!

Have you ever DJ’d under the influence?

I like to have a drink before the show, but I would never get drunk before I needed to play. It’s ok to have a good time, but I always make sure I’m able to deliver the best possible show, that is after all why I’m there!

What was the best house party you’ve been to? And whose house was it?

Not to sound selfish, but if I had to pick one, then it would have to be my own! I celebrated one billion streams with my entire team. I had made a classy dress code, invited everyone to my house first for drinks with one of the best mixologists in Denmark and afterwards we went to the best hotel in Denmark for a great private dinner. I had such a good time along with everyone else and even though it wasn’t the craziest ‘house’ party, it was the best I had ever experienced. This is a night I’ll think back on for the rest of my life.

What was the worst gig you’ve ever performed at?

There have definitely been situations where it was not fun to be at a gig, but we have honestly always made the best of it. Being on the road and experiencing issues teaches you to deal with these things. There was this one gig in Amsterdam during ADE where there were 0 people in the club! Only the bartenders and staff were there. It felt terrible playing for no one, but I did my show and had a laugh with the staff afterwards.

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