Inspired by the Art Deco movement, 45 Park Lane is the Dorchester’s more modern sister located just across the street from the original hotel. Its exterior is crisp and contemporary, known for the aluminum fins that wrap around its edges. 

Upon entering, you’ll be welcomed into a grand foyer with high ceilings and honey wooden walls. A host awaits you outside their WolfGang Puck original restaurant CUT, you’re headed to the left. Bar 45 is just up the stairs.

This might just be their best kept secret. We're here to reveal all.

What’s the Vibes?

It matters little who you are when you step through the doors of 45 Park Lane because everyone that steps foot inside is made to feel like they matter. The place boasts frequent star and celebrity stays, which makes it excellent people watching. You never know who’s going to walk in next. But regardless of whether the world knows who you are, 45 Park Lane will treat you like they do.

The bar itself is smaller in size, but grand in feel. It’s not just just seats scattered around. Bar 45 is a lounge, a library, a place you can dream up your next big idea in. They also commission new art every three months on the walls, so it’s a gallery too. 

The environment encourages intimate conversations and sophisticated celebrations. It wouldn’t be too bad to talk business here, either. It curves the crowds. And nothing goes down better with a million dollar deal quite like a drink.

Now pair the red and yellow leather seats with the contemporary rock coming through the speakers, and you’ll feel like your souls been set to simmer while you sip on their cocktail creations. Speaking of drinks, let’s discuss whats a must.

What to Drink? 

Negroni’s. They have five kinds. Allow me to walk you through them all.

We started with the Aged Negroni, which was trolleyed over to us by the magnificent bar manager, Enrico Perri. We watched as he perfectly poured out the right proportions over large ice cubes. We admired the creation. It was like amber over ice, like sipping on a cooled out fire. They even got the orange peels right. Each dried out slice soaked in the bitters, dispersing just the right amount of citrus while we drank. They proved to be the perfect post drink snack. 

If you're feeling more adventurous, go for the golden Negroni. A drink concocted years ago for an awards ceremony. Aged in an American Oak barrel, this specialty does a number on a (golden) oldie. It's crisp and molten in a way the classic could never be. Beyond the must tries, there's also the bespoke Negroni for all you hipsters. They even let you choose from a selection of vermouths and gins to mix and match. 

Not a Negroni fan? Peace on earth is a summer sure fire. If you like whiskey, you'll want the Samurai Sword. It's citrus and biting, brutal and slick as the title suggests. Both present in a way that will give your eyes the same amount of satisfaction as your taste buds. 

Don’t neglect the bar menu either. The wagyu beef sliders, tuna cones, and spring rolls are not to be missed. Each master a flavor in their own right. The wagyu is juicy and tender. The tuna cones melt in your mouth. And the spring rolls add the perfect crunch. 

What’s the Damage?

It’s steep. But can you expect anything less from a Dorchester collection original? The hotel itself costs a pretty penny. The restaurant is just the same. Bar 45 allows you to dip your toe into the expensive well.

Each drink will put you out about 20 quid a pop, the wine leans more towards the 30 range - and that’s just for a glass. The food falls in the same range. You may think this is too much but one sip of their drinks and suddenly your pockets will be surrendering.

Anything Else to Note?

If the experience leaves you wanting more, the Wolfgang Puck original restaurant Cut is just down the stairs…you’d think the law of diminishing marginal utility would apply here, but somehow they defy it. Everything stays satisfying; seemingly only gets better.

Since Hyde Park is their backyard, it’d be a shame not to take a stroll after. Or rather dream up your next big purchase? Aston Martin is only a few blocks down, with enough eye candy in the windows to stir the imagination. Those Negroni’s go down so well you may be walking home with a new set of keys.

Happy drinking.

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45 Park Ln, London W1K 1PN; Bar 45