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"I am here to help people." Meet Melissa Takimoglu, boxing businesswoman extraordinaire

She handles the PR for Top Rank. She’s worked on Tyson Fury’s biggest fights. Melissa Takimoglu is something of a boxing tour de force. She recounts her remarkable journey through the sport

Jay Lycurgo on dancing with the devil

Jay Lycurgo played a henchman in The Batman, and Tim Drake in HBO Max series Titans. Now Netflix is calling. The British actor shares his story of superheroes and witches

Mikaela Mayer: "I’m kind of a loose cannon sometimes"

American boxer Mikaela Mayer has a blockbuster fight versus Alycia Baumgardner in London on Saturday night. She speaks to us about financial goals, building a brand and her ambition to conquer four divisions

The Black Forge Inn offers a knockout experience

Conor McGregor changed the fight game – now the Irishman is taking over the pub game with The Black Forge Inn in Dublin 12

Ebanie Bridges: "Boxing is a business. You need to advertise"

Australian boxer Ebanie Bridges has amassed a huge fanbase inside and outside the ring. We spoke to the Blonde Bomber ahead of her world title fight

Susannah Schofield: "I never want to see quotas for women in business"

Susannah Schofield is blazing a trail for women in boxing with her Unified promotional company and the Pitch Boxing app. We speak to a true boxing innovator

Louis Strong: "Success is defined by you and you alone"

Actor Louis Strong has interviewed dozens of big names on his mental health podcast HeadStrong. He shares his journey in this exclusive interview

"You don't have to look like a superhero to be one." John Bradley is back in the game

He won the affection of millions as Samwell Tarley – now John Bradley is fighting the moon. He discusses playing everyday heroes, his love of Elbow – and why he wishes he could reshoot the first season of Game of Thrones