In the beginning, God created the heavens and earth. This was done over the course of seven days. On the sixth day, it is said he built a garden, just east of Eden. Many scholars have speculated about its whereabouts over the centuries. But I think we've found an answer worthy of paradise. 

Enter Hotel Eden. One of the most recent additions to the Dorchester Collection, the luxury brand acquired the hotel in 2013. No doubt for its enviable location: a stone’s throw away from the Spanish steps, and a couple paces down from the Palladium, Hotel Eden is perfectly positioned in the heart of Rome. 

After the acquisition, it wasn’t long until they wanted to add their luxurious touch. They put the Roman wonder under renovation in 2017. They shut the place down. Not to make space for more, but to make more space for you. The once 114 roomed hotel became 98. It wasn’t a downsize, it was an upgrade. One that can be felt throughout the space.

The hotel opens to you like a Vivienne Westwood sketch book meets Mount Olympus. Its high fashion meets heaven. The ceiling is golden honeycomb plates, a feature that drips down into the details. There’s golden trim, golden candles, and golden light layered over matte black and white marble flooring. You’ve entered the Queen Bee’s layer here in Hotel Eden.

A few steps back and the lobby becomes ‘La Librería.’ A space for guests to sip on cappuccinos and read the classics. Or wait till the evening when the bookcase turns into a bar. Order a bourbon and read some Lord Byron.

If you fancy a bit more privacy, head to the bedrooms. On your way, take note of the aroma. They’ve placed Locherber Milano scents within the walls. So every walk you take throughout the space brings an air of something sweet: fresh notes of citrus and cinnamon meet with bergamot and red grape. You’ve been planted in a garden.

They manage to make each room feel like an Italian villa. They’re spacious and bright, with floor to ceiling French doors that bring an open air feel to each room. You’ll find a sketch of two peacocks stitched above each bed in Eden. A sign of renewal. They watch over you while you sleep, make sure your dreams are sweet. Although I think you’d be fine even without the birds, considering the staple Vispsring mattresses in each room. Back pain be gone. You are royalty in Rome.

If you’re looking to entertain, look no further than the Aurora Terrace Suite, which features your own private terrace, and a dining table that can fit up to ten people. Ingrid Bergman used to call this suite home. If it's good enough of for the stars, it's certain to do your stay justice. But if a more intimate celebration is in order, perhaps a weekend in the Pent House will do. With an entire floor to yourself, it features its very own study and living room space. The bathroom has a whirlpool tub, and the mirror turns into a TV. The private telescope and record player are just the cherry on top. 

Hotel Eden, Rome
Hotel Eden, Rome
Hotel Eden, Rome
Hotel Eden, Rome

Hotel Eden has partnered exclusively with Valmont Spa: the Swiss cellular cosmetics expert. It’s products promise anti-aging and cell renewal. The signature treatment is the 120-minute ‘La Grande Bellezza.’ A head to toe regeneration of the skin, and the cells that fuel them. The first act is a full body exfoliation and mini massage. Then there’s the intermission shower. Followed by the second act: a long, luxurious facial treatment that will leave you sneaking peeks of your own reflection. You’ll walk around wondering if it’s the hotel thats glowing, or you. My guess? Both. Book ahead.

Once you’re looking your best it’s time for a meal. You have two options here at Hotel Eden, both on the top floor. (thank you, skyline) They have their very own Michelin star, Mediterranean restaurant: La Terrazza. It’s Italian food with a twist. The signature dish? Cacio e Pepe with turmeric. Fill your belly while you boost your immunity. There’s no guilt here in the garden.

If you’re looking for a more casual sit down, you can head for II Giardino. Take note of the walls and floor when you walk in. You’ll find the shape of fallen leaves scattered on the floors. Follow them with your eyes. They’ll lead you behind the bar where a tree has been built into the wall. Subtle, yet nothing short of brilliant. It took me a day to notice, I was distracted by the panoramic, open windowed views of all of Rome. Forgive me.

II Giardino features indoor and outdoor seating, it’s also where you can come up for a night cap. The bartenders here are show stoppers. Look out for Stefano. It won’t be hard to find him. He’s the man with the glasses. Trust me - you’ll know them when you see them. He’s been at Hotel Eden for nearly thirty years, so, safe to say, he can make you anything you like. But do try his mezcal negroni. As strange as it mind sound, it’s the perfect blend of bitter and bite. It gives the classic a whole new feel.

Hotel Eden, Restaurant
Hotel Eden, Restaurant

If you can walk after those drinks, take the stairs down. Black and white portraits line the walls of all the wonderful people that have walked the halls of Hotel Eden. Each with a hand written love letter and the dates they stayed inside. There’s De Niro, Hopkins, and DiCaprio. Tina Turner and Diane Keaton. You may not be hung on the wall after you leave, but I assure you you’ll have love letters to send them after your stay. (There’s two in your desk drawer) Get writing.

Just make sure you don’t get stuck inside the hotel, as easy as it might be. Rome is a one of a kind city, where past and present lay atop one another.  It’s a maze of corners and alleyways, only at every dead end is a historical wonder. Get lost. Or better yet, be escorted.

Hotel Eden has paired with the best tour company in all of Rome: Imago Artis. Ask for Alessio. The most charismatic, passionate Italian man you’ve ever met. And don’t worry about getting caught up doing things you don’t want to do, or hearing history that’s more for their ears than your own. They evade every bad tour guide stereotype. They "tailor your tour like a dress." Plus they’re not just knowledgable historians, they’re preservationists. When you take a trip with Imago Artis, you become a patron of the city. It’s an investment into your mind, and the minds of the future. Sustainability? Check.

Rome is a textured place. It isn’t just cracks in buildings and crevices of paintings, it’s the atmosphere. A trip to Rome is like being exfoliated by stories, you’ll leave a softer version of yourself. And good news for Hotel Eden…Rome is a city for returns. You can’t possibly see all the historical sites it has to offer. Especially when you have a couple Roman’s to show you around its secrets. I’d reckon once a year will do.

So…what are you waiting for? Hotel Eden awaits you.

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