If it ain't broke, don’t fix it. An inoffensive saying, sure, but one that is often scrutinized and called into question.

When Peaky Blinders brought out its fifth season earlier this year, had the plot become too confusing? When Jamie’s Italian was forced into administration in May, had the celebrity chef become too greedy? (The answer is yes to the first question and probably to the second). 

But in the case of Eastcheap Records, which will open on the corner of Eastcheap and Lovat Lane in December, it’s safe to say this overused saying rings overwhelmingly true.

The cool, City-based younger sibling of the legendary Old Street, Venn and Northcote Records chain is poised to make its mark in Monument and establish itself as a standalone drinking spot. 

Like its older siblings, Eastcheap will bring live music to its customers every night of the week, with no-fuss cocktails and great quality food to really get the feel good vibes going.

Eastcheap will bring live music to its customers every night of the week

To make it that little bit more special, though, the much-anticipated bar has partnered with some of London’s biggest record labels and will exclusively house newly released and limited edition vinyls. More than 5,000 of these records will be available for anyone to cop – so whether it’s a nightcap, dinner and a boogie, or a legendary purchase you’re after, this bar has it all.

Its interior is also markedly different from the branches that have come before it, with a sophisticated open-plan space that feels reminiscent of the famed lobby of Shoreditch’s famed Hoxton Hotel. Only cooler. It’s pretty hard to find a fault with this one – and we’re picky when it comes to new places to grab a post-work drink.

Eastcheap Records will be throwing an exclusive launch party on 5 December and has extended an invite to Square Mile readers to attend. For anyone interested, you just need to send an email – adding ECR Square Mile Exclusive Party as the subject – with a line or two explaining why you’d make a good addition to the dance floor. And not to worry, all successful party-goers can bring a plus one.

For more information, visit eastcheaprecords.com