All the cheese at Coq d’Argent’s Alpine brunch

It's national why-are-we-back-at-work day, so we suggest booking in here for the Saturday brunch spot and making today and tomorrow go that bit quicker...

Cheese fondue. Sorry, let’s try that again. Melted Alpine cheese fondue. That's all you really need to know when it comes to Coq d'Argent's new excellently named, executed and tasting winter brunch.

A limited, or set, menu this is not. Instead, the offering is diverse, plentiful, centred around luxury winter-warming food and has the added bonus of letting you eat the same munch as people currently holidaying in the Alps – while you're slap bang in the centre of the City. 

From a charcuterie board to a tartiflette (Ratte potatoes, pancetta, Reblochon cheese), through to a specially-designed Alpine salmon and some of the tastiest gratin dauphinoise around – there's something for everyone, every mood and every (mostly cheese-based) craving.  

It goes without saying, you simply cannot go and not try the fondue. It's hot, it's gooey, it's delicious and it makes you feel as though you're halfway down a mountain in one of Europe's most luxurious ski resorts. With pickles, potatoes, bread and a selection of meats to dip with, it's a love affair packed full with all the trimmings.

You may well leave in a dairy-fuelled food coma, but trust us when we say it’s worth it

Dessert is also an experience in itself, which comes in the form of an all you can eat sweet buffet. Remove any thought of bog-standard ice cream and soggy doughnuts straight out of your mind – think more a high-end, neverending table of treats. There's everything from flan to an assortment of mini French pastries, to macaroons and salted caramel torte. 

Let the expertly trained – and very courteous – waiters take care of your wine order; they know what goes with what and recommended us some cracking white and red to have with our dishes. 

As for settings, the choice is yours: either sit in Coq d'Argent's ever-classy main restaurant or rent a winter lodge to really trick your mind, body and soul into thinking you're out of London.

You may well leave in a dairy-fuelled food coma, but trust us when we say it's worth it. And with two courses priced at just £33, it's a bit (a lot) of a steal too. 

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Coq d'Argent's Alpine brunch is running until the end of February. Head to to book a table