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London clubbing can often feel somewhat monotonous – a conveyer belt of identical dark rooms, flashing strobe lights and the latest UK Top 40. However a good night out is still attainable if you know where to look.

Enter Drama Park Lane. The Mayfair nightclub has established a reputation as one of London’s most exclusive haunts, and one of its most creative. Established by the team behind Cirque LeSoir and nightclub tycoon Nick House, the club has played host to the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Winnie Harlow and Nicole Scherzinger – this is one of those venues where it’s always worth keeping your eyes open to see who you’re sharing your night with.

But you’ll also want to see the interior. There is a new VIP room and a boudoir area at the back of the club complete with a giant bed, free-standing bathtub and PhotoBooth mirror. The “whatsthedrama” room changes according to the season or artist – for summer it became the French Riviera. Most inventive? The scratch‘n’sniff wallpaper in the bathrooms, where there is a cherry scent for the men and banana for the ladies.

Best of all, some seriously big names can be performing on any given night. The stage is basically a raised platform in the middle of the dance floor, so you’re literally within touching distance of whoever’s on the microphone. It can be somebody a bit special: on our visit Joey Badass played a barnstorming set – one of the biggest names in rap doing his thing just metres away.

If you want to add a little drama to your night, this is the place.

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