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In the club: Ten Trinity Square

We're profiling London's best private members' clubs – breaking down all the need-to-know information into one easily digestible guide. Take a trip to Tower Hill and Ten Trinity Square – a members' club straight out of your imagination 

Ten Trinity Square

Ten Trinity Square is exactly what you would imagine a private members’ club to be like if you’d never stepped foot in a private members’ club.

Oh yes, you think as you walk down the luxuriously carpeted corridors, passing room after room with so much wood-carved panelling it must have taken an enchanted forest to deck the place out – this is a private members’ club.

It’s like being transported to a country manor: one where any moment might bring the appearance of a scullery maid to breathlessly announce that the Earl of Pemberley has been murdered with a poker in the billiard room.

What’s the history?

The club itself opened in 2017, but the building is a far more storied affair. It formerly housed the Port of London Authority, and was opened be Prime Minister David Lloyd George in 1922. The wood panels and intricate carvings have all been saved from the original building, adding history and class to this otherwise contemporary club.

What are the amenities?

Well, there’s a billiard room, absent any murdered Earls (you may encounter a few live ones). Indeed there are many rooms, and these rooms are gorgeously furnished, and most of these rooms have their own denomination: as well as billiards, there’s the chairman’s room, the dining room, the private dining room, the wine room, the cigar lounge, and the library.

The cigar lounge comes with a fully stocked humidor from which to purchase a huge range, allowing you to get your Churchill on. Members also enjoy access to the Four Seasons Trinity Square 1,776 sq ft spa. Think: indoor swimming pool, vitality pool, sauna, hammam, steam room and state-of-the-art fitness centre.

What about the food and drink?

Remember the wine room? Ten Trinity Square has a unique partnership with the legendary Château Latour. This is the first time the first-growth Pauillac has given its name to a place outside its vineyards. And it’s the only location beyond its Bordeaux home with both the range and guaranteed provenance of this world-renowned wine. You can sample the many bottles in a beautiful wood-paneled (obviously) room, decorated with engravings of various British heroes, from Milton to Cromwell. (No Shakespeare, weirdly.) The room uses the same lighting as the Château for maximum authenticity.

The only issue with such a wine cellar – how can the food possibly live up to it? Enter Anne-Sophie Pic. The most decorated female chef in the world not only hosts her two-Michelin-starred restaurant La Dame de Pic in the hotel below the club, but also lends her name and expertise to the dining offering at Ten Trinity Square. 

What kind of people are members?

Big ballers with a touch of class and a love for the finer things in life. CEOs, MDs, founders; possibly some aristocracy. Cigar-lovers. Billiard players. Oenophiles.

How much is membership to Ten Trinity Square?

We can't say but it isn't cheap. You know where the money’s going.

How do I become a member of Ten Trinity Square? 

Fill in your details on the website and wait for the phone call to arrange a show-around. Then cross your fingers that your application passes review (for you, it will be but a formality). 

Anything else to note? 

The club is a principal partner of the London Symphony Orchestra – and sometimes they drop in for a recital. Just one of the many events that members can enjoy. 

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