The best wearable tech on the market

Wearable tech is on an unstoppable rise, and the latest wave of products take the concept to heady new heights. Zoey Goto presents the ingenious new items you shouldn’t be living without

Remember when a Walkman was the last word in wearable tech?

And when we say wearable, we all know that really meant an unyielding plastic clip that, were you not wearing a very tight pair of jeans indeed, would almost certainly cause the waistband of your kecks to sag.

Oh, how times have changed.

Not only is music portable in a way that involves little more than a pair of wireless earphones, but the concept has extended into all manner of items, from smartwatches and fitbits to the likes of a self-heating coat (yes, really).

And that’s just the tip of the ‘I never knew I needed that but WOW I absolutely do’ iceberg.

Here’s our pick of the latest wearable tech that will not just make your life a little easier, but make you think, too…