God saw that it was good, so he made the sports car. Then he created the super car. And next the hyper car. But what follows? Well, according to Koenigsegg, it's this – the One:1.

This mega car is the latest iteration of the manufacturer's superb Agera. It'll produce 1,340bhp and weigh 1,340kg. It's this one-to-one power-to-weight ratio that gives the car its singular name. The result is a top speed north of 272mph. This will make it the fastest production car ever created, leaving both the Veyron and Venom in its tyre smoke. In order to make the car so light, the Swedes adopted 3D printing to create whole parts, including its titanium exhaust system.

With only six examples due to be produced, the One:1 is not quite one of a kind, but it's not far off.

For more info: koenigsegg.com