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Fast and the curious

Never go back, they say – but David Brown’s Speedback GT, an eye-catching creation rich in 1960s influences, has proved them wrong

Reimagining a classic can often be a disaster – take the 1998 remake of Hitchcock's Psycho as an example. But when it comes to cars, a few boutique manufacturers have nailed this tough task. For example, Eagle did the impossible and made the Jaguar E-Type even prettier than the original, and now David Brown has joined this rare breed.

Its Speedback GT, heavily influenced by 1960s classics – the Aston Martin DB5 in particular – is actually the proud owner of a five-litre Jaguar V8 producing 507bhp. The result is a sub five-second dash to 60mph and a top speed north of 155mph in a car that could only be out-cooled by the 1960s Sean Connery. That's our kind of fast from the past.

From £594,000; davidbrownautomotive.com