Length: 58m

Yard: Royal Huisman

Cabins: Five

Guests: Up to 12 guests

Summer: South Pacific

Price: From $225,000 per week

Cutting-edge green technology doesn’t just make Ethereal eco-friendly. Her sea-powered lithium battery system means she can sail in silence across the globe.

Last May, she explored the nature-rich waters of the South Pacific. Guests on the lookout for whales and dolphins can be hydraulically elevated up to the crow’s nest. When cetaceans are spotted, Ethereal flips into station-keeping stealth mode to shadow the pod using rudders, thrusters and undersea cameras.

Ethereal’s experienced owner is one of the planet’s leading proponents of technology. In turn, advanced features grace every aspect of this 58m ketch.

The future’s certainly bright aboard Ethereal.

To charter Ethereal, visit ycoyacht.com