The Elan was the first Lotus you could buy without having to build it yourself.

The 1962 classic had a 1,558cc engine capable of approximately 100bhp.

Fast forward 57 years, and the British marque’s latest model will have nearly 20 times that amount.

The new Evija, due to launch next year, will pack a 1,972bhp punch making it the most powerful series production car in history.

The all-electric two-seater will hit 60mph in under three seconds, and 186mph in nine seconds, with a top speed well in excess of 200mph.

The Evija – pronounced ‘E-vi-ya’ – also has a few other tricks up its sleeve.

The scissor doors don’t have handles and can only be opened using a key fob or by a switch on the roof.

The headlights employ lasers to light up the road.

And there are no door mirrors here, thank you very much – just little cameras that pop out of the front fenders – all in the pursuit of aerodynamics.

With only 130 due to be made, you better get your name on the list stat.

Assuming, that is, you have £2m burning a hole in your back pocket.

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