Established in 1897, Ribble has been at the forefront of cycling development and innovation for 125 years, building a reputation for bespoke and personalised handcrafted bikes across the world.

Curated by Ribble’s design expert technicians, its unique designs represent the highest level of craftsmanship found anywhere in bike manufacturing.

Ribble isn’t letting this milestone pass by without due ceremony: to celebrate, it is launching a series of 125 limited Anniversary editions across each category of bike.

The Anniversary editions boast a hand-painted ‘marble’ finish, 24-carat gold leaf detailing, and golden top cap and head badge, all exclusive to these celebration models.

The gemstone colours of ruby, sapphire and emerald are fully individual – with no finish ever the same as the next.

Ribble Gravel Ti 125

The Ribble Gravel Ti 125 pays homage to the brand’s steel-frame manufacturing heritage. Its titanium frame is finished with seamless welds for a seamless finish and unmatched strength and longevity. It looks particularly spectacular in the emerald green marble and gold leaf colourway.

Ribble Allroad SL e 125 concept e-bike

The third bike in our line-up, the Ribble Allroad SL e 125 concept e-bike embodies innovative design, technology and applied manufacturing processes – a clear nod to the brand’s vibrant and dynamic future. Finished in ruby red marble and gold leaf. 

Ribble Ultra SL R

Resplendent in sapphire blue marble, the Ultra SL R 125 has been developed over a period of three years. The aerodynamic Ultra has been designed using the latest technologies including CFD, wind tunnel and real-world testing to create a truly world-beating aero road machine.