Three ways to travel like a rock star

You might not be a rock star, but you can travel like one. We’ve picked three options – from Ducati, Princess and Netjets – to get your motor running…

What does it take to be a rockstar? It isn't the platinum-certified hits or the sold-out stadiums or the 'musical differences' following that difficult second album (though it helps…), it's the lifestyle that raises you from your bog-standard musician to a rock god.

In the words of Nickleback's Rockstar: "I need a a credit card that's got no limit, and a big black jet with a bedroom in it." It isn't about the destination, it's the journey for these real-life musical marvels – and we've got the perfect trio of travel options for you to join them.

From a private jet to an elegant yacht, this is how you travel, rock'n'roll style…