Ribble is to cycling what Rolex is to watches: a true heritage brand whose name guarantees quality and class. Yet you don’t become the best by standing still. Ribble has taken this maxim literally to create the Ultra SLR, one of the fastest road bikes in the world.

The Ultra SLR is the result of a groundbreaking research and development process aimed at creating the ultimate speed machine. Ribble’s design team utilised market-leading computational fluid dynamics (CFD), wind tunnel testing and real world analysis to perfect every aspect of the bike.

“The brief we set ourselves was bold,” says Andy Smallwood, CEO. “To develop the world’s most aerodynamically advanced road bike.”

Ribble undertook extensive exploration of the specific forces needed to be overcome by the rider in order to maximise their speed. The results influenced the bike’s physical shape and form.

Ultra SL R Hero
Ultra SL R Hero

Because bike and rider can never be analysed in isolation, Ribble used a 3D digital scan of the test rider to provide complete consistency across the entire testing process. If Q branch designed a bike, this would probably be it.

The bike is designed to maximise and manipulate the airflow to generate a significant performance gain across a full range of crosswinds. Every section of the frame, fork, seat post and handlebar has been aerodynamically optimised, with particular attention made to component integration.

Lightweight and super-stiff handlebars underwent a full ergonomic study, maximising control, grip and comfort. The design has also been optimised aerodynamically in the drop and the hood positions.

The result? An exquisitely designed and fully optimised aerodynamic bike that weighs a mere 7.8kg. Now get that baby on the road and see what it can do.

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Ultra SL R Hero is £POA as it's fully customisable. See more at Ribble Cycles