Some musical instruments look more like a piece of modern art than something you'd play – just look at Ulrich Teuffel's Rhodium Birdfish. Following on in this vein is the Cleff from Unltd. It's big, bold, and futuristic – in fact, it looks like it could probably take off if it didn't weigh as much as a small elephant. It's certainly a bold and exciting challenge to traditionalist piano design – but then you won't find much in Untld's designer range that isn't. And just in case you can't bring yourself to actually touch it, it'll even play itself if you sync it with an iPad. Now that's what we call a hands-free kit.

Untld's designer range is stocked in the UK by Cambridge retailer and manufacturer 1066 Pianos. See or call 01223 881 691 for more information.