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The transformative photography of Carlota Guerrero

Carlota Guerrero made her name shooting Solange Knowles, but her work has since developed into something far greater

Solange Knowles by Carlota Guerrero
Solange Knowles by Carlota Guerrero

“In an industry dominated by men shooting women’s bodies, her vision is refreshing. In a world where the feminine is violated, the femininity that she captures is honest and empowering.”

Canadian poet Rupi Kaur is describing Carlota Guerrero. The self-taught photographer exploded onto the scene with her iconic portrait of Solange Knowles for the artist’s music album A Seat at the Table in 2016.

Since then her unique style and eye has hugely influenced the lens we see women through today. Her work reflects a modern, progressive and body confident vision of a post #MeToo feminism.

Guerrero’s debut fashion photography book Tengo un Dragón Dentro del Corazón features more than 250 powerful colour photographs complemented with texts by the likes of Rosalía, Rupi Kaur, Paloma Lanna, Teticia Sala and Alejandra Smits.

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