Greg Williams established his reportage style as an intrepid photojournalist in the 1990s – covering war zones in Burma, Chechnya and Sierra Leone.

Williams moved into film and quickly established his credentials as one of the leading photographers in the industry. He has shot four poster campaigns for the James Bond franchise over the past 20 years.

Something of a polymath, Williams is also a filmmaker and product designer. His limited-edition Leica Q2, created in partnership with Daniel Craig, is Leica’s fastest selling large scale edition. Talk about the man with the golden camera.

Want a bit of Williams in your life? You can buy art prints from his website – such as the above picture from the set of No Time To Die.

And if you wish to emulate the man himself, Williams recently launched a programme for professional photographers called Skills Pro, sharing his insight and anecdotes from the trade.

Daniel Craig looking every inch James Bond
Daniel Craig and Latasha Lynch shooting No Time To Die

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