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The Blend Sessions podcast series with Chivas Regal

Style director Teo van den Broeke brings creatives from diverse backgrounds together to start a conversation about collaborative success

"What matters in the restaurant is you, the person who's eating, and the person you're eating with. That's all that matters." Jackson Boxer.

Find a quiet spot, settle down and pour yourself a good whisky... The latest venture from luxury Scottish whisky Chivas Regal hopes to stimulate the mind as well as the tastebuds.

The Blend Sessions launched on 1 June is a seven-part live podcast series hosted by Style Director Teo van den Broeke and brings together photographers, chefs, journalists, authors and artists to discuss culture, creatives and collaboration. The discussions were recorded live at the Chivas bar in East London last year.

The second podcast saw acclaimed chefs Jackson Boxer and Jeremy Lee (of Brunswick House and Quo Vadis respectively) explore the London culinary scene and their roles in reshaping it. It's a fascinating discussion between two masters of their industry, and well worth twenty minutes of your time.

"My parents were never particularly interested in cooking. What they loved was eating and entertaining so meals would often be very simple and very good." Jackson Boxer.

"When I was growing up, Britain was coming out of rationing and was in the depths of the Cold War. Cooking at home was way down people’s list of priorities…but I lucked out having two parents who delighted in it." Jeremy Lee.

The first podcast is a conversation with Tremaine Emory and Acyde, the founders and creative brains behind international art society No Vacancy Inn. They joined Teo to talk about how they worked together to create their own cultural scene, where’s hot in the world right now and the secret to successful artistic collaboration.

Forthcoming guests include photographers Ewen Spencer and Derek Ridgers, film-maker Reggie Yates and best-selling author David Nicholls, who will offer their insight on everything from underground music to British fashion, novel-writing and documentary storytelling.

Expect to listen to a fusion of cultures, skills and success stories as perfectly blended as the brand's whisky – and keep an eye out for further announcements in the coming months.

Download The Blend Sessions from iTunes here.

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