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Take time out to admire Vacheron Constantin's antiquated clocks

They might not be able to tell you the exact time of day, but Vacheron Constantin's modern iterations of antiquated timing mechanisms sure are beautiful.

In the modern horological era dominated by wristwatches, it would be easy to forget the primitive devices that first measured the passing of time. Vacheron Constantin, however, has other ideas.

For the past three years, the iconic Swiss watch brand has partnered with the Lausanne University of Art & Design to create modern iterations of antiquated timing mechanisms. The fruit of this collaboration is six unique pieces, which were unveiled at Geneva’s Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) in January this year.

Take Horizon, for example.

It blends astronomy and horology to chart the rising and setting of the sun. Inspired by an armillary sphere, first created by both the Ancient Greeks and Chinese, an artificial light representing the sun can be moved around a graduated ring to indicate sunrise and sunset times on a given date in a given place. Think of it as probably the most complex – and beautiful – sun dial you’ve ever set eyes upon.

Sure, it’s not going to tell you the exact time of day, but who cares? Old school is the new school. Now, where to put it…

For more information, see vacheron-constantin.com