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Returning to peak performance

The last year has been a real challenge for many of us – personally and professionally, but Next Chapter Retreats can help you assess your priorities, put the world into perspective, and ultimately live the life you want

SUDDEN CHANGE CAN often be disorientating; it challenges much that we’ve taken for granted.

And the confusing array of options available can make the way ahead seem foggy and uncertain: so many possible routes, so much chatter – how to decide? And what if we get it wrong?

Now is a great time to assess your priorities and get clarity of focus and direction, to think about how to create more time with your family, revitalise yourself and your business, and have the satisfaction of knowing you’re doing what you were meant to do.

Entrance to Cowlery Park Hotel

Live the life you want

UJ Ramdas said, “the most important work you do is work on yourself” – and a Next Chapter Retreat is a great place to start that work.

A Next Chapter Retreat will give you laser clarity and a clear plan ahead, full of practical advice and guidance to achieve peak performance, both personally and in your business.

Next Chapter Retreats

Client testimonial

“It’s so difficult to express how important you’ve been to my journey and continue to be. And I know so many people feel the same. As time has passed, I gained an understanding about my purpose in life. Something that has created huge changes in my life and continues to push me to think more about what I am doing and why. In short, you have helped me live more of the life I am supposed to.”
– CEO, client

The five-day Retreats are hosted in a high-quality British hotel and spa in peaceful surroundings that give time and space, and challenge you to uncover, to create, to change – and have fun while you’re doing it.

Co-founders Peter Hyson and Hilary Rowland [pictured below] have long and successful experience running retreats and helping senior business leaders find focus and purpose. They explore what might constitute your next chapter, enabling participants to live the life they want.

Looking at life stories helps people clarify peak performance and barriers, along with strategies to focus on their next steps. And by examining stories through the eyes of others
and in different contexts, it allows people to retell their stories, and move forward with renewed energy and focus.

“When a client re-arranged surgery and another moved a board meeting so they could attend one of our Retreats, we knew we had something life changing,” says Hyson, recalling the motive for designing these five-day Retreats.

Next Chapter Retreats Co-founders Peter Hyson and Hilary Rowland

Act now

Next Chapter Retreats only runs a handful of Retreats each year, so get in touch to find out more. Invest in yourself for the sake of the business.

Tel 07951 767 113; email peter@NextChapterRetreats.guru. For more information, see thenextchapter.guru