AS A LEADING innovator in the fine wine investment arena, Oeno Group proudly offers a personalised advisory service for both newcomers and accomplished wine and whisky collectors.

The Group’s vision is to make fine wine and whisky investment accessible to a vast pool of investors, regardless of their industry knowledge. The company boasts a Master of Wine at the head of its wine team, along with two other talented Masters of Wines as its ambassadors in Italy and Spain.

Michael Doerr, Oeno Group’s founder and CEO, received the Wine Investment CEO of the Year Award from Investor Magazine in 2022 and is one of Spear’s 500’s top recommended Wine Advisors. Oeno was awarded Best Global Wine Investment Firm for the second year running.

Unrivalled expertise

As an innovative fine wine company, Oeno Group takes pride in its impressive wine collection from all corners of the world. Instead of focusing solely on the wines of Bordeaux – a region that has historically been the bedrock of the fine wine market – it draws on its expertise in Champagne, Burgundy, Italy and Spain, along with California and Australia, to expand the market of investment-grade wine. Unlike many wine companies in the UK, Oeno also brings together a unique team of impeccably credentialled, multicultural wine experts from Italy, Greece, Australia and South Africa.

With only 420 Masters of Wine in the world, making them rarer than astronauts, Oeno is beyond delighted to bring together three Masters of Wine to our team. Almunena Alberca MW, the first female Master of Wine from Spain, Gabriele Gorelli MW, the first Italian Master of Wine and Justin Knock MW all contribute to Oeno’s ever-growing world-class reputation and award-winning services.


Ageing gracefully

As with any collectable asset, the provenance of fine wine, coupled with impeccable storage, is key to its value. Oeno Group offers an excellent ageing service to producers, sommeliers, and investors.

Oeno Group handles the responsibility and cost of ageing the wine in its carefully controlled storage unit, London City Bond (LCB). When wine has reached its optimal drinking window, Oeno will release it to the market enabling clients to benefit from a tidy profit and sommeliers to receive wines that are in their perfect drinking window.

Another unique perk that Oeno offers is an efficient brand-building service. Where many investment-grade wines face the challenge of being collected and stored in dark cellars, Oeno Group aims to see its wines in prestigious restaurants and hotels, opened and enjoyed by consumers.

If you are looking for strong returns, portfolio diversification and tax-free gains, then investing in an asset-backed investment like fine wine could be a great option for you.

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