While solar panels have gone down in price by 70% over the years, many solar energy myths still persist.

But if you're curious about adding solar energy to your home, the benefits are clear.

Don't let the naysayers lead you astray from this efficient, renewable form of energy.

Curious to learn more? Stick around as we debunk the most common solar energy myths that exist today…

Solar Energy Costs Too Much

Don't be concerned that you'll have to bust your budget to afford solar energy. Solar panel prices have fallen sharply as they've become more prevalent. And contrary to many solar energy myths, solar is less expensive than coal-powered energy.

Yes, you'll need to invest a few thousand dollars in the initial purchase and installation. The price may change depending on your roof's pitch and accessibility.

Ultimately, if you plan to stay in your home for another five years after installation, you will reap the financial rewards. Look forward to lower utility bills!

Residential Solar Requires Constant Sun to Work

You don't have to live in the Sun Belt to benefit from professional solar panels. The solar industry has figured out how to manufacture panels that can function in all sorts of climates. Don't worry if it's overcast and snowy where you live.

A local solar company may have a better sense of what types of panels to use. As another benefit, you'll be able to access company technicians more easily if any panels are damaged due to inclement weather.

You'll Knock Down Your Home's Value

Are you planning to sell your home in a few years? Then you can look at residential solar panels as an investment that will enhance your home's value.

You won't need to worry about ruining your roof with installation. And you can rely on residential solar panels to last for over two decades. So, if you move ten years after installation, the new owners will have another decade of solar power to enjoy.

Solar Panels Are a Chore to Install and Maintain

This is the furthest thing from the truth. A professional team will install panels and ensure they connect with the local utility grid.

Plus, when you hire the best solar company to handle the installation, it will be a breeze.

Blue Raven Solar installation is professional and tailored to your home. You'll get a generous warranty, too.

From there, you'll just need to clean the panels to get rid of dirt as part of maintenance. You can trust that the panels are durable, though. They should be able to take a beating from hail and snow!

Ignore Solar Energy Myths

Don't let solar energy myths dissuade you from investing in greener energy to power your home.

You'll raise your home's value while getting good value after the initial costs. And with the right installation team, you'll gain an asset that doesn't require too much maintenance.