Sotogrande, Europe's leading lifestyle and residential destination in southern Spain, introduces Villa AQUA, the latest masterpiece from ARK Architects.

From the hand of Manuel Ruiz, the "architect of light," and inspired by water, the new project is an architectural gem that blends seamlessly with its natural surroundings and offers the most breathtaking views. The soothing lines of the sea merge with the unique design, while the reflections of the water add new dimensions and create a microclimate inside the villa.

At the heart of Sotogrande is La Reserva, the newest of Sotogrande’s four residential districts that make up this unique destination.

La Reserva redefines the lifestyle of Sotogrande with a select collection of open-plan apartments and exclusive villas with a strong sense of community and first-class facilities.

This newest residential development captures and reflects the essence of Sotogrande and its fundamental values such as family, privacy, security and authenticity. The brand new unveiled AQUA project also further reinforces these values.

Interiors of Villa AQUA, Sotogrande seven-bedroom property, Andalucia
Interiors of Villa AQUA, Sotogrande seven-bedroom property, Andalucia

AQUA, the work of "the architect of light"

AQUA is the latest master design by ARK Architects, located in the residential area of The 15, the most private and secure enclave in Sotogrande with 15 unique villas that combine extraordinary design with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by beautiful gardens. The design allows water to flow into and mix with the spaces, creating a microclimate that cools the house in summer, while the patios serve as the "lungs" of the home.

The fluidity of the water acts as a mirror that reflects light, lifting the spaces to another dimension. This architectural gem is rooted in humanistic principles, has a strong connection to the natural environment and a unique relationship with light.

"Located on the 'Cul de Sac' of The 15, this villa offers extra privacy with more than 2,500 square feet of carefully designed spaces. The project is distinguished by a strong focus on sustainability, with roofs designed for solar panels, natural ventilation systems and a self-regulating pool. Inspired by the majestic line of the sea stretching to the horizon, AQUA harmoniously fuses design with the natural environment and offers a unique experience of sustainable luxury," according to architect Manuel Ruiz, AQUA's designer. "Projects where nature, spaces, natural light and a personal lifestyle come together to create sustainable homes is our commitment," he adds.

Villa AQUA, Sotogrande property development, Andalucia, Spain

New standards of elegance and sophistication

With a total plot area of 4,928.30 square meters and an impressive built area of 2,534.25 square meters, AQUA enjoys an extraordinary orientation that optimizes natural light and offers mesmerizing sunrises.

The villa extends over three floors and features a total of seven bedrooms including a master suite, four additional suites, a guest suite and a service suite. The extensive amenities include 10 bathrooms, an elevator, multiple fireplaces, an outdoor infinity pool, an indoor pool and spa, a gym, a home office, a wine cellar and an eight-space underground garage. Carefully designed to preserve and enhance the stunning panoramic mountain views, AQUA stands out with its long-span design that maximizes views and provides a streamlined architecture.

"AQUA was designed as a tribute to this exceptional environment. In the design, the water of the sea blends seamlessly with the architecture of the house. By understanding and respecting the environment, we are able to develop projects that are in harmony with its essence," says Manuel Ruiz.

La Reserva is also home to La Reserva Club, which features a prestigious golf course, the exclusive beach club The Beach, a carefully curated array of dining and entertainment options, and with the nearby International School, makes it an ideal place for year-round living. 

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