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FusionTables: dinner will never be the same again

Is it a pool table? Is it a dining table? With FusionTables, it's both. Mealtimes are about to get a whole lot more fun – clear away the dishes and rack 'em up

More or less everybody’s dream home includes a few of the same features.

A swimming pool.

A home-cinema.

A T-Rex skeleton in the lobby. (OK, maybe that one’s just us.)

And, of course, a pool table. Ideally a whole games room, but definitely a pool table.

Everybody loves pool. It’s one of those games you can enjoy equally as an expert or novice, competitive or casual, sober or a few pints to the good. Stick a pool table in a room and it’s a nigh-on certainty that people will be crowded round it, sooner rather than later.

Square Mile has first-hand evidence of the power of the pool table. We had one in our former office, and at every single party, drinks reception or company meeting, the pool table played a starring role. It worked brilliantly: as an icebreaker, as a conversation starter, as a focal point around which people could meet and mingle. Plus, shooting pool is really, really fun.

We also hosted a regular supper club around the pool table. Isn’t that bad for the baize? Not at all – because our pool table was a FusionTable, and FusionTables are not only pool tables but also dining tables.

Simply slide on the three rectangular table tops that fit together over the baize, bring out the two-metre Fusion Benches, adjust the height in the easy-lift system integrated into the four table legs, and hey presto! You are ready to eat. Indeed, if your guests don’t witness this transformation take place, they will have no idea about the table’s alter-ego; at least, not until the plates are cleared away and you suggest a post-prandial game of pool.

The tables offer endless possibilities for customisation, ensuring yours can be totally unique. Choose between a woodline or metal frame – the former being available in four types of wood – and multiple different finishes. While the baize will always be Iwan Simonis competition cloth, 25 different colours offer plenty of options. Lovely little touches abound: such as the aforementioned Easy-Lift system, changing the table height, or the stretch nylon in the pool table pockets, ensuring the pockets are not visible when the table’s in its dinner incarnation

FusionTables has been operating at the top since 1997; order one for your home, and find out why. Be warned: you may struggle to make your guests leave.

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