When it comes to creating the most contemporary interior design, staying on top of the latest trends is critical.

Whether you’re a lottery winner or a first-time buyer, there’s a look for you.

It’s a new year, and with it comes a great deal of potential for the interior design field overall.

We’ve come up with several key trends that we’re anticipating for 2022…

1. Romantic, Sophisticated Materials and Textures Will be on Trend

We’ve all been cherishing the time we get with our families and loved ones over these past few years, and with this in mind, it’s quite likely that we’ll also begin to see a growing trend towards romantic design choices.

Naturally, these tend to offer quite a sophisticated look that wouldn’t be amiss in the homes of the ultra-rich; however, it’s likely that standard homeowners may also want to consider adding a few romantic features to their own properties this year as well.

Of course, features such as laced materials and scalloped ceilings can often feel juxtaposed with more modern design choice elements such as sharp lines and angular silhouettes. Therefore, as an interior designer, now might be the time to consider how you can make this rather unique pairing of designs work for your clients’ properties.

2. Softened Kitchen Furnishings

For quite a few years now, we have seen preferences for sharp and hard lines in the kitchen to create a bold and striking aesthetic. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this has particularly been seen in kitchens that see less practical utility.

However, after spending so much more time than usual cooking over these past few years, it seems quite possible that we’ll see a shift in this trend for 2022 to a more relaxed and soft look.

What does this mean from an interior design perspective? Well, as explained by Studio McGee, this will likely translate to a preference for softer lines within the kitchen through rounded edges on cabinetry and careful use of decorations and pictures to draw attention away from the harsh lines. In turn, this should help to make kitchen spaces feel warmer and more welcoming overall.

3. Warm Wood Materials will be Big Business

We’ve all come to rely on our homes as a place to relax, and with this trend in mind, the interior design industry has seen rapid growth in demand for warm wood materials. These soft and soothing materials often provide a welcoming and comfortable aesthetic for any space, and this has definitely pushed their appeal in recent times.

At present, we can’t see this trend slowing down any time soon; if anything, chances are that warm wood materials will continue to soar in popularity.

As such, it may be worth considering the potential applications for wooden materials in your future designs – particularly if they can be integrated seamlessly with DIY projects and repurposing efforts, as we’ll cover briefly next.

4. Luxury DIY Designs and Repurposed Materials Are Going to Become More Popular

With the arrival of 2022, one trend that we’re anticipating is that a growing number of people are going to turn their hands to creating their own luxurious DIY designs to give their properties a stunning aesthetic on a more restricted budget.

Naturally, this will likely inspire a new trend for repurposed materials and vintage designs (something that began later last year).

Of course, this trend shouldn’t leave anything to chance; customers and clients will still likely expect the same stunning, “millionaire home” aesthetic from these design choices, which could pose a challenge for interior designers to balance. As such, when considering how you could incorporate DIY furniture into your interior designs, you must take care to ensure this doesn’t compromise the overall final aesthetic.

What’s more, this could be further promoted by the growing trend toward recycling and living more sustainably, encouraging more and more people to consider where their furnishings come from and whether brands have made these furnishings from sustainable or repurposed materials.

Hence, it’s likely that more and more people will be reaching out to interior designers and design blogs to learn more about the different options they could try in this case, such as these DIY tips from Lottoland.

These are only projections, and invariably the exact trends we will see for 2022 may vary throughout the year – so make sure to continue checking back to learn more about the best design trends.