AS HUMAN BEINGS, we are wired to solve problems and overcome challenges, and modern life can often seem to be a construct of omnipresent obstacles.

But we know from science (and oftentimes experience) that pushing ourselves is a way to facilitate success. Let’s call it ‘hard graft’ or ‘grit’, going outside of our comfort zone – however you phrase it, we know it works.

If you’re looking for your next challenge, then you’ll find it hard to beat the multifaceted components of London’s newest event, PWR Hour.

If you like pushing the boundaries of your fitness, then this will certainly satisfy that notion. Competitive? You’ll be battling it out against other teams. Nowhere to hide? Your data will be live and on display on a giant screen. Indulge in new, state-of-the-art tech while changing the world? Using cutting-edge static bikes, every pedal stroke you make will be capturing and storing green renewable energy.

This is no ordinary challenge, this is an experience to be remembered.

Taking place at the iconic Samsung KX in Kings Cross on 5 June, PWR Hour is a dynamic initiative that redefines team fitness, elevates sustainability impact, and unites professionals in a shared mission to drive positive change.

At its core, PWR Hour London embodies the fusion of purpose and passion. Teams of six dedicated riders, representing some of the city’s most influential corporations, coming together for an electrifying challenge. The mission? To generate as much power as possible within the span of just one hour.

Technology plays a pivotal role in our day-to-day lives, and it’s evolving fast. The appeal to try new technologies lies in its ability to have a meaningful impact on the way we live – whether it’s the latest electric car, AI-driven smart home automation system, or a slick software programme that automates manual processes. But the evolving landscape of technology is also demonstrative of its ability to have a positive impact on the world.

Imagine a static bike that can capture and store renewable green energy as you ride, enabling you to charge your devices – all as a direct result of your own physical output. Pretty cool.

At PWR Hour, you’ll be some of the first to get to try this technology. Supplied by a UK startup called Energym, the high-tech static bikes will enable you to collectively harness your energy and make a tangible impact on the environment. You get to use cutting-edge tech in a state-of-the-art venue – pushing yourself to new limits while championing a cause greater than yourself. What better way to spend World Environment Day, 5 June 2024?

As with most challenges, it’s not just about how hard you push – it’s how hard you celebrate afterwards. When you come together with your team to tackle challenges – just like climbing a mountain or rowing an ocean – bonds are formed and ideas are exchanged. Overcoming a challenge together involves a celebration of collaboration, innovation, and the power of will. With a live-DJ after-party and premium hospitality package, this is one such event that provides the perfect opportunity to sweat, network, and party like the good old days.

The countdown to PWR Hour London is on. The question is, do you want to see what you’re made of? 

This highly exclusive event has limited availability, and is open for team entries online at