Quite simply, HONMA is the most exclusive golf brand in the world.

Its luxury golf clubs sometimes feature a stylish gold finish or even hand-painted Japanese art forms. Such exceptional clubs are made for a growing number of customers who are as serious about how a club looks, as they are about its performance on the golf course.

The clubs are graded up to five stars, depending on which grade of carbon graphite customers select for their hand-rolled shafts. Other bespoke options include gold or platinum plating. This level of premium finish across the entire set of clubs sets HONMA apart from other golf manufacturers.

HONMA is also uncompromising in its drive to design the best-performing products, using in-depth research and ground-breaking technology to deliver the finest clubs available.

At its factory in Sakata, Japan, at least 100 craftsmen are involved in the creation of each individual set. High-quality performance clubs have been made at this facility for the past 60 years and all the components are built to precise standards within the factory.

HONMA prides itself on a meticulous approach to manufacturing and attention to detail is paramount

Highly skilled club-makers combine premium materials with fine craftsmanship and expensive production methods to produce the most desirable set of golf clubs tailored to the swing characteristics of every customer.

HONMA prides itself on a meticulous approach to manufacturing and attention to detail is paramount. For example, the hand-rolled carbon graphite shafts are matched precisely to the individual club heads – resulting in unparalleled performance levels from the first strike.

The brand also has impressive credentials at the elite level of the game. Over the past two years, HONMA TOUR WORLD series clubs in the hands of Tour players such as So Yeon Ryu and Hideto Tanihara have captured 39 titles at tournaments around the globe.

There are three distinct HONMA club ranges featuring drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons and wedges – BERES, TOUR WORLD and BeZEAL. They include models specifically designed for women and there is also a matching HP putter range with classic club head designs. Each of these ranges can be seen either on or off the course at venues such as Wentworth Club and Capital Golf.

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