If you're serious about getting a six-pack, having clear vision is absolutely essential. That vision needs to excite you and propel you out of bed. If you have a clear vision of your end goal, you'll be super-motivated to take action immediately. This is a technique that's commonplace amongst super-achievers. After all, as Arnold Schwarzenegger said, "The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something you can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent." And that's a man who knows a six-pack.


It's a fact that muscle burns fat – your muscle is a fat burning furnace that works for you 24/7. Each pound of muscle burns 50-100 calories per day, so it's vital that you strengthen your metabolism by putting on muscle. The best way to do it is high-intensity resistance training. Not only will the muscle you gain make you look and feel great, it'll also help to burn that unwanted fat that hides the six-pack you've got waiting underneath. Research shows that after the age of 30 we lose on average half a pound of muscle a year, so time is of the essence.


To get the perfect six-pack, you need to get your body to burn your body fat to make fuel. Every unwanted pound of fat on your body contains approximately 3,500 calories of energy, and to metabolise this fat you need to get your insulin below a certain point. And what drives insulin? That's right – carbs. That's why you need to go on a low GI nutritional plan. The hormone insulin regulates fat accumulation (that's why we're getting fatter as a nation), so if your body is constantly releasing insulin, it's constantly being told to store fat, taking you further away from your perfect six-pack.

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