James Haskell on staying in shape

If you're looking to not only lose some pounds this January, but to keep them off for the year too, few are better placed to teach you than a pro athlete. Matt Roberts talked to England international rugby player James Haskell on his regime for this month's Square Mile


I do weights training and rugby training, but also boxing, jiu-jitsu, swimming, yoga… I fill my day up with training. I try to add more and more – but the game is too demanding to take on too much during the week. I’m learning now, at 28 years old, what I can and can’t do and what fitness levels I can reach. Four to five hours training a day is right for me.


I don’t drink when I’m training – even one glass of wine and I’ll feel the difference the next morning. But some guys I know have gone in hungover and performed their best. I appreciate nice wine and I like whisky, but I’ll go weeks without a drink. There’s no point taking my diet as seriously as I do and then ruining that by drinking on top of it. When you’re in season and when you’re performing, it’s just not worth it.


One thing I enjoy about my life – and one of the reasons I’ve been as successful as I have – is that I don’t mind sacrifice. I like the thought of turning stuff down because it’s the right decision to make. But as a by-product of that, at any moment you’re ready to snap, go mad and eat a whole box of Krispy Kreme donuts! But when I get to 50, I want to be the guy at the gym with a really nice tan and in unbelievable shape. I’ll have a family, be running a few businesses – and hopefully I’ll never let myself go.

James Haskell features in this month's Square Mile in a Q&A with Matt Roberts, who knows a thing or two about fitness himself. Get the iPad version here.