As well as football matches, the new stadium will host NFL games and music concerts. With a capacity of 61,000, including a 17,000 single tier stand, it will be the biggest club stadium in London – seating 1,000 more people than The Emirates. (We're sure this is completely coincidental...) Have a look at the video below.

Building a modern football stadium isn't easy. Some figures to break down the work that went into this project.

The construction

• Up to 1,500 people working onsite

• 8 tower cranes used onsite

• 1,621 doors will be installed

• 72,000 square metres of concrete will be poured

• 729 staircases will be fitted

• 1,101 concrete columns will support

• 12,000 tins of paint will be used

The finished product

• 61,000 capacity – the largest club ground in London

• 17,000 seats in the home southern stand – the largest single tier stand in the UK

• 16 non-football events maximum will take place per year (likely to be six concerts and 10 other sporting events)

• 3,500 jobs created (an increase of 1,700 new jobs)

• Less than six metres from the pitch to the single-tier ‘home end’, with no front row seat being any more than eight metres away from the touchline across the stadium

• 86.8m – the length of the general admission bar

• 10,000 – the number of pints per minute that the new beer delivery system will enable staff to deliver

• £750 million – the investment the stadium project is expected to represent upon completion

• £293 million - the amount the development will pump into the local economy each year (an additional £166 million)

• £211 million – the amount of additional local spending the four-year construction phase will generate

The stadium will open in 2018. Premium membership packages are available at