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The Cudoni man: luxury resale for the modern man

Cudoni is a resale service that specialises in pre-owned luxury items. The British company has launched its first ever men's campaign – a symbolic shift in this growing retail market

Luxury resale service Cudoni has launched its first ever men's campaign with one of the most recognisable faces in men’s fashion, model and creative director Richard Biedul.

The business was founded to provide the simplest and most convenient way for discerning luxury consumers to sell their designer goods.

Cudoni’s expert knowledge of iconic luxury craftsmanship and respect for quality has shaped their reputation as leading luxury resale specialists.

Responding to the growing interest among men in circular fashion, Cudoni is taking the industry lead in providing the ultimate resale service for the luxury-loving modern man.

According to Cudoni founder and CEO James Harford-Tyrer, two years ago, 51% of men's items through Cudoni came from women looking to sell, whereas now it's less than 40%, suggesting an increase in resale engagement amongst men.

And Richard Biedul is one of those men.

Richard Biedul for Cudoni.
Richard Biedul for Cudoni.

“Cudoni’s concierge-style service allows me to sell my designer clothing effortlessly,” explains Richard.

“As a model, artistic and creative director, I’m constantly on the go, what little free time I have, I want to spend with the ones I love, doing the things I enjoy the most. This is why Cudoni is perfect for me. They help me to sell the designer pieces that I no longer wear, and I don't even have to lift a finger.”

Cudoni understands that time is one of the greatest luxuries, therefore they centre their service around making resale as seamless as possible for their clients.

From the moment a new client signs up, they are assigned a personal account manager to assist them throughout the process.

Cudoni provides free home collections, item authentication, expert valuations and manages the entire sales process.

Cudoni also enables clients to extend the life cycle of their cherished items, encouraging circularity in luxury fashion and supporting the slow fashion movement.

It offers the most effortless way to sell your pre-loved luxury pieces from designer fashion, fine jewellery and watches to luxury accessories, offering an end-to-end, concierge-style resale service, designed around each client’s needs.

Dedicated to providing an unrivalled resale experience, Cudoni strives to go above and beyond, from the first call to the final payment.

“The process is quick and simple,” explains Richard. “I contact my personal account manager at Cudoni and book my free home collection. After my items are collected, they are valued by Cudoni’s experts, and made available for sale. It’s really rewarding to know that with Cudoni my clothing is being given a second life.”

Richard sold an edit of pre-loved designer pieces featuring brands such as Brioni, Ann Demeulemeester and Ralph Lauren via the Cudoni marketplace, which were incredibly quick to sell.

Richard and Cudoni are donating all proceeds from the sale to Richard’s chosen charity, Fareshare via Work for Good.

View Richard’s Cudoni edit here. A full list of the designer brands Cudoni sells can be found here. @cudoniuk | cudoni.com