Being complimented by your peers is a welcome boost. Being complimented by a bonafide legend is a cause for champagne and cigars.

Harrison Osterfield experienced the latter on the set of Catch-22. His director? George Clooney. 

"George Clooney came over to me and said some really kind, inspiring words on my performance," says Osterfield. Clooney then "spoke fondly of the experience we had working together that summer." 

And you're still buzzing off that time you saw Danny Dyer at the pub. 

We caught up with one of the most talented young actors in the business to talk about his life and style – along with a photoshoot from the brilliant Joseph Sinclair. 

Harrison Osterfield


What upcoming project(s) are you most excited about?

The Irregulars! This project has been close to two years in the making, and I can’t wait for the release. To be part of the Sherlock Holmes universe is exciting in itself, but to be a prominent part in a story that is so unique and engaging has been particularly memorable.

The show has got so much heart and a lot of laughs, but you definitely need to keep on your toes because there might be something much more sinister waiting around the corner.

What is your proudest professional accomplishment?

That’s a tough one; there’s a few. One special moment was after I’d just wrapped on my scenes from Catch-22, and the director, George Clooney, came over to me and said some really kind, inspiring words on my performance and spoke fondly of the experience we had working together that summer.

Compliments from someone who is so established and someone who you admire greatly was a real confidence boost for me just starting out. It was a pretty cool moment.

If you could change one thing about your career, what would it be?

Enjoy the little moments more!

I’m always constantly thinking about the future and stressing about what goals I need to achieve in order to be where I want to be, but every now and again, especially when a job does come through, it’s important to really enjoy and savour those moments.

I’m lucky to be doing what I love, so sometimes I’ll take a step back and just have some fun while doing it.

Harrison Osterfield

What do you hope to achieve that you haven’t yet?

I have a lot of targets I want to achieve, especially in the next five years. As I’m relatively new to all of this, my main focus at the moment is to keep growing and learning as an actor, as well as continuing to work with like-minded, talented people.

Fashion is also another avenue I want to keep exploring. It’s been really exciting talking to some of the big fashion labels recently about future opportunities as well, so hopefully there will be some exciting things on the horizon.

Outside of your family, who is / was your biggest inspiration?

I look up to a lot of people! There are so many actors that I look at and think, “Yeah, I’d love to be doing that type of work.”

I think someone who doesn’t get spoken about enough is Paul Dano; I really rate him highly. I love the choices he makes and the versatility.

Although, actual inspiration for work ethic I’d probably pick a few athletes. I’m a massive fan of the discipline and perseverance athletes possess, along with the hard work they put in to be the top person in their particular field.

Tell us something nobody knows about you.

Over these lockdowns at home I set myself a secret challenge of doing something a bit different. I’ve been trying to become a world record holder.

I’ve been close to eating an apple under thirty eight seconds and doing countless fitness challenges I think I can beat, but it's proving much harder than I thought.

Although nothing has stuck just yet, it’s definitely one to put on my bucket list. Watch this space!

Harrison Osterfield
Harrison Osterfield


What’s your favourite item of clothing – and what does it mean to you?

My tailored suits. I’ve managed to collect some amazing suits over the years, and I love looking smart, so they hold a special place in my heart as well as my wardrobe.

Favourite accessory – watch / jewellery / etc – and why is it special to you?

My favourite accessory is probably my Tag Heuer Autavia watch. It was gifted to me from a collaboration I did with them back in 2019 and became my first proper timepiece.

They had a new Autavia collection being released, so we did a photoshoot with the new watches. Part of the collaboration was to ALSO run in that year's London Marathon as they were the official sponsor!

The shoot was a lot easier than the run, but every time I wear it I’m reminded of those crazy 26 miles and also the money I was able to raise for a charity very close to home. It was all worth it in the end.

What items do you take on holiday and why?

First thing in the bag is a new book. You can always rely on a good book no matter what the weather is like. I’m more a summer holiday kind of guy too, so sunglasses, floral shirts and swimming trunks are a must as well.

Harrison Osterfield

Is there an item you threw away – or lost – that you really miss?

I can’t tell you how many jackets and jumpers I’ve left behind at parties back when I first started going out in London.

Luckily, in more recent years I’ve been a bit more responsible for the whereabouts of my clothes, but there were definitely a few items that I really miss and wonder where they are now.

My mum will kill me reading this.

What’s next on your shopping list?

Some high quality, comfy tracksuits.

When you're having a lazy day and just taking it easy, it’s not great when you’ve got to go to the shops in your slides and dressing gown. It’d be nice to look a bit more presentable.

What would you buy if money was no object?

A house somewhere abroad. I went to some amazing places on holiday with my family growing up and always had a fantastic time.

I’d love to have a place somewhere sunny which all my family could use whenever they liked to repay the favour. I better get an invite though.

Harrison Osterfield

The Irregulars is on Netflix from 26 March 2021