You could probably sum up the guiding principle behind luxury menswear brand Haxby like this: 'If something's worth doing, it's worth doing properly.' Oh, and lavishly, to boot. LA-based Haxby, founded by Michael Dow and Timothy White, brings together craftsmen from around the globe to create clothes and accessories of the most luxurious stripe.

Take, for example, the process that goes into the creation of Haxby denimwear – Japanese or Italian selvedge denim is sent to California, where a team of designers supervises the cutting and sewing. Not quite exclusive enough for you? Well, consider this: the zips and buttons are crafted from gold, palladium or ruthenium, depending on your precious metal preference (prices from £288).

That level of deluxe finishing goes for Haxby sunglasses, too. Not only is each pair hand-crafted at Masunaga, a century-old business in Japan, but each also has 18-carat gold hardware. With prices from £562, whatever you do, just make sure you don't lose them.

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