London-based designer Daniel Pangbourne, however, is – in fact, he's the reigning European Air Race champion, multiple aviation record holder and a past winner of the prestigious Schneider Trophy air race. He's also founder of the eponymous watch brand, which makes specialist instrument watches for pilots, and those who just want to pretend they spend their spare time messing about in planes.

The Pangbourne DP 01, one of two models launched by the brand, has a solid 50mm PVD- or nickel-coated brass case, housing a self-winding chronograph movement with an additional 24-hour hand for second timezone indication. The bezel features an aeronautical flight computer, a frighteningly complicated set of scales for rapid calculations on the, er, fly – exactly the sort of thing that sorts the airmen from the boys. Whether you're one or the other, at least the DP 01 is the real deal.

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