In 1932, a young Reginald Murray ‘RM’ Williams was camping in the Australian outback when he noticed that the riding boots worn by passing drovers were quite literally falling apart at the seams.

Determined to construct a boot for them that could outlast all others, he learned the art of leather craft and set about creating his first product. And such, the legend of R.M.Williams and his durable, elastic-sided boots was born.

Fast forward some 90 years (and counting), and the brand has grown into one of the world’s most beloved boot brands, and despite monumental growth, little in the crafting process has changed.

Each and every pair of R.M.Williams Chelsea boots is still made entirely by hand in the brand’s South Australian workshop, to ensure the same standards of endurance that their founder promised all those decades ago.

The stuff of modern legend, R.M.Williams boots are synonymous with timeless style and long-lasting quality. Coveted by stockmen and city slickers alike, they’ve diversified from their riding boot origins to wear well with chinos, denim and suits, even featuring at weddings and a red carpet or two. The introduction of a women’s range within the past decade has also attracted a whole new audience, one that appreciates quality, versatility and effortless style.

With an ever-growing line-up of silhouettes, leather types and colourways, fans of the brand can be forgiven for accumulating impressive collections. Luckily the lifespan of the boots means that it’s rarely a case of replacing their boots, and often a case of adding a new pair. With a regular care routine, a pair of R.M.Williams boots has been known to serve its wearer faithfully for decades – a showcase that all good things are made to last.

Plus, if ever a boot does fall prey to more serious wear and tear, the brand offers a comprehensive repair service that includes all number of fixes, from a simple tug replacement right to the way up to a complete re-last.

The programme is one of a number of resources the brand has in place as part of its efforts to operate more sustainably. When you consider that you can also take your boots into any of their stores for a complimentary polish, it’s a pretty extraordinary promise of value.

To help you narrow down the search for your first (or next) pair of boots, we’ve rounded up our favourite R.M.Williams styles:


The brand’s best-selling boot is so well-loved for a reason: it couldn’t be easier to wear. With a comfortable flat heel, durable one-piece leather construction and refined look, the Craftsman will take you from work to play to outdoor expeditions with confidence. Getting dressed just got easier.


A more recent edition to the R.M.Williams line-up is the Gardener, a style that’s grounded in rugged elegance. This sturdy boot is engineered for adventure, with a sturdy rubber sole and a hard-wearing oiled kip leather upper, though it also scrubs up well for a night on the town.


Feminine and versatile, the Lady Yearling is the most popular women’s boot in the R.M.Williams offering. It’s crafted with an elegant almond toe shape and flattering 4cm heel, perfect for daily wear or for pairing with more formal looks. This is the definition of a day-to-night boot.

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