In 1909 Robert H. Old established his own tailoring house in the seaside town of Bournemouth. Close to 120 years later and now under the stewardship of the fourth generation of the family, the business remains firmly focused on the traditional values of service and personality while still looking to the future of men’s attire.

Robert Old perfects and modernises classic garments rather than reinventing them completely. This suits the brand’s core value of delivery the highest quality garments that will serve your wardrobe for years to come.

The hallmark of the collection is the vast selection of luxury Scottish cashmere knitwear. The sweaters are made using the finest cashmere fibres, taken from the underbelly of Kashmir goats from the Himalayan foothills of Mongolia, where temperatures fall to below -40°C.

The garments are washed in the pure Scottish waters to create a cloud-soft finish unlike anywhere in the world

Spun and woven in the Scottish town of Hawick, the garments are washed in the waters of the River Teviot to create a cloud-soft finish unlike anywhere in the world. The pure water is renowned in the area for providing the base to Scottish Whisky – many of the sweaters are named after Robert Old’s favourite blends.

Compliment the knitwear with a selection of shirts handcrafted with the finest Swiss and Italian clothes in Chard, Somerset. The Swiss cotton cashmere mix is a particular favourite.

Complete the look with a fine selection of coats in a mixture of shearling, deerskin and calf leathers, as well as pure cashmere and wool-mix coats made using prestigious Loro Piana fabrics handcrafted in Italy. A range of international labels – such as Ermenegildo Zegna, Crockett & Jones, Corneliani, Santoni, Eton – are also available online and in the Bournemouth store.

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