Tweed has long held a perception of being a fabric that is heavy, only worn in colder outdoor settings and often uncomfortable to wear as a versatile garment, but the truth is that there are many different iterations of tweed-based fabrics and styles available.

Walker Slater is the contemporary tweed brand hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland and an expert in both wool and tweed fabrics with its own unique suiting shapes. One of the brand's rising-in-popularity fabrics is the Scottish woven cashmere wool tweed - soft to touch and full of options to wear for a multitude of occasions.

With 5% cashmere blended into the virgin wool, the fabric has a luxurious feel, with the cashmere allowing the fabric to be a little lighter and more comfortable than normal tweeds, while still retaining an excellent shape when worn.

“I think that when people hear the word tweed, they think of that heavy, bold country check pattern,” says designer Paul Walker. “However, with blended cashmere and tweed pieces, you get a lighter, more subtle statement. This is proving popular in the city as it’s more wearable for work settings or a smarter social occasion as opposed to the eye-catching, rough textured pieces tweed is often associated with.”

“With our tailoring and cut complementing the fabric, pieces can often look almost bespoke on clients. For the price it’s exceptional value,” he adds.

With men wearing separates increasingly common, the Scottish woven cashmere wool tweed is the perfect, more versatile option to wear a jacket or trousers alongside other garments, but according to Walker Slater it is still predominantly purchased as three-piece suits, as buyers still tend to want the option to dress up.

“With our tailoring and cut complementing the fabric, pieces can often look almost bespoke.”

“The magic of the full suit paired together with a formal shirt, complementing tie and pocket square is hard to dispute,” says Walker. “But we like that you can style brown or black leather accessories such as a watch strap, shoes and braces ends or even a cashmere roll neck to break up that formal look a little.”

The Scottish woven cashmere wool tweed fabric’s versatility can play prominence all year round and can be worn through Spring and Autumn seasons due to its lighter, more breathable weight. The trousers can be paired with knitwear and an overcoat or alternatively the jacket can be worn with jeans for a less formal look.

“At Walker Slater we offer jackets, waistcoats and trousers in a few different ready-to-wear cuts as separates To personalise it further, we offer alterations where needed to edit the cut to the body.

“There are also some fabrics which blend cotton, cashmere and wool - which again offer a lightweight suiting experience most popular in London, where it is a little warmer than our headquarters in the north,” Walker concludes.

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