Nothing quite says you’ve made it like taking your private lift straight to the top floor.

The penthouse suite is the very embodiment of being on top of the world.

In the case of the Ritz-Carlton suite in Hong Kong, that’s quite literally the case – as the penthouse is on the 117th floor of the 484m-high International Commerce Centre.

Of course, soaring views aren't everything...

Whether its famous patrons, DJ booths, wine cellars or private chefs, these hotel suites represent the best of the high life.


As an avid reader of square mile, your lifestyle will already bear a more than passing resemblance to the lifestyle of Jay-Z and Beyoncé, but if you fancy sharing the same bed as Mr and Mrs Carter then book yourself into Le Meurice’s Belle Etoile Penthouse Suite – pop culture’s leading power couple are among its former guests. (Disclaimer: Jay-Z and Beyoncé will not be in the suite at the same time as you. If they are, somebody’s messed up your reservation date, or you’ve had one hell of an evening.)

You’ll have one hell of an evening if you never leave the bathroom. It’s marble, you see, with three windowed walls serving up the type of views that normally come via a postcard. Although you mightn’t even notice the distant Sacré Coeur; you’ll be too busy playing hunt the Kraken in the whirlpool bathtub.

The suite comes equipped with four bedrooms: a master, and three others you needn’t concern yourself with because you’ll be kipping in the big boy like the king you are. There’s also a terrace, which offers 360° views of all the bits of Paris you haven’t already seen while you were frolicking in the bath.

Oh, and there’s a hidden bar! A hidden bar revealed by sliding panels – so should any musical megastars show up unexpectedly, entertainment won’t be an issue. 

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An art deco landmark, the Four Seasons George V is one of Paris’s most revered grandes dames. The 360-degree views from the Penthouse terrace alone arguably justifies its inclusion in this list, the Eiffel Tower almost in touching distance.

The 1,630sq ft suite includes a master bedroom, living room and office – all as stylish as you’d expect from a Parisian hotel suite – while the marble bathroom features an infinity bath with jets.

Order some champagne and enjoy some bubbly in the bubbles.

C’est magnifique!

Prices from €25,000 per night. For more information, see 

New York

The Beekman Hotel has to be one of the coolest new hotels in New York. And by new, we of course mean old – it dates back to 1881. But three years ago it had a multimillion pound overhaul including a number of the multimillion dollar residences.

The hotel’s most impressive suites are located in its two iconic turrets. They both boast private entrances, each with a separate rooftop terrace. Curated original artworks adorn the walls and there are all the lavish furnishings and spacious marble bathrooms you’d expect from this faithfully refurbished Victorian building.

If you end up really falling in love with the place, then you can actually live here – at the Beekman Residences. One, two, three-bedroom and penthouse residences start at 127ft in the sky, opening onto absolutely breathtaking river-to-river panoramic views capturing the midtown skyline and downtown landmarks.

Ten-foot floor-to-ceiling windows and dual-corner exposures heighten the drama. Owners also have access to the residential retreat on the 11th floor, which includes a private dining room with chef’s table, a home theatre media room, and the ample – and exclusive – rooftop terrace. It may be the city that never sleeps, but there are few places more impressive to hole up.

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"A castle in the sky." Well if you’re going to do a penthouse, it makes sense to do it properly so you get a name like that. Right? 

Located in New York’s Upper East Side, The Mark does that special thing of combining old with new – think avant-garde design meets cutting edge technology, with old-world comforts making an appearance at every turn. Modern frills seemingly shine through in many other ways too: from 24/7 check-in, room and shopping services to exclusive access to The Mark Sailboat, a 70-foot vessel available to guests to sail around the Big Apple's harbour.

The hotel's luxury penthouse doesn't disappoint either. And talk about frills – it's just installed an ice skating rink on its balcony for VIP guests to enjoy. This, as well as its own conservatory, a library lounge, a stately dining room, a living room with 26-foot ceilings as well as 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and 4 fireplaces. So, yes, we weren't lying and neither were they. It's a castle. In the sky.

Oh, and to make it even more of an occasion – because it obviously needs something else to prove its worth – the palatial room, which is set across the two top floors of The Mark, is the largest hotel suite in the US. Fancy that. 

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Known locally, and now internationally, as New York’s most expensive room, the Ty Warner Penthouse offers a unique hotel experience that sees opulent accommodation meet tasteful decor.

The suite’s four glass balconies alone, which offer a different view of the Big Apple from each, elevate its status to well above the building’s 52 floors.

A grand piano, massages on request from the hotel’s award-winning spa, a chauffeured Rolls Royce and a private spa with views of the East River are just some of the room’s impressive features. And for $50,000 a night, it's no wonder treatment is very much on the VVIP side of life.

It can be hard to make a space extravagant without making it gaudy, but this suite is wrapped up in a sleek and stylish bow with only corresponding interiors to match.

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Las Vegas

Las Vegas. Two words that evoke more vice than any other place on Earth. Neon lights, Elvis bellowing Vivaaa, supercars, smoke and poker chips. It’s a place that makes Shoreditch look like the Cotswolds. A place with at least a cameo in just about every cool story that has ever been told. And it’s also home to The Palms Casino Resort’s two-storey Sky Villa. A perfect embodiment of the city’s mantra, this penthouse suite is simply, utterly, beautifully ridiculous.

Where to begin? The 32rd floor, I suppose. The Sky Villa includes a massage and fitness room, personal sauna, two master bedrooms and a 24-hour butler – what more could you ask for? A 17-seat bar, enough leather sofas to field exactly the sort of parties (sorry, conferences) you see in the movies, and your wildest dreams. Is this all getting a bit much?

Fair… how about a leisurely swim in the private pool overlooking that famous skyline? And should you need anything, like, anything, then just ask the butler. You could say, wow, hard job, but look at their office. Not to mention the tips, this place is setting you back five figures a night.

What happens in Vegas won’t stay in Vegas with all the photos you’ll take. There’ll be no fear nor loathing here either, though there might be some in the Instagram comments. 

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With almost 10,000 sq ft to its name, as well as floor-to-ceiling windows that offer panoramic views of the city, this all-encompassing suite really hasn’t spared any attention to detail. From the gold statue dogs to the faux tiger fur chairs, the Faena has gone to awe-inspiring lengths to ensure guests are a part of the Miami jungle - from a comfortably high distance.

There are five bedrooms, with sleeping space for up to 10 people, a sea-facing balcony the length of the room’s massive living space and a handful of pristine, marble-lined bathrooms fit for a king.

And if waking up and going to sleep directly under Miami Beach’s golden sun wasn’t enough, guests are given their very own butler to ensure every possible need they might have is attended to… no matter what time of day or night it is.

The nightly rate? Prices start at $50,000. This is Miami Beach after all where, according to Will Smith: "Everyday like a mardi gras, everybody party all day / No work all play, okay." So why not play in style? 

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Just as you can judge a man by his shoes, and a nightclub by its smoking area, so you can judge a hotel suite by its bathroom. Happily, the Presidential Suite of Mandarin Oriental Shanghai has an absolute corker: 50-sqm, boasting views over the city skyline, a tub that could float a schooner, a steam room, and, most decadently of all, a TV. Peak hygiene.

The rest of the suite doesn’t scrub up too badly, either. Most of the 25th floor will be yours, to do with what you will. (Well, within reason.) What are we talking here? We’re talking a master bedroom, a kitchen, a dining room in which to eat the food prepared in your kitchen, a wine cellar, a wine bar at which to drink the wines taken from your wine cellar, and a meeting room where you can meet people or pretend to be a Bond villain.

The living room’s ceiling is 4.8 metres high, so if anybody turns up to dinner on stilts, they should be golden. Ditto acrobats. Oh, and then there are the private roof gardens. Both of ’em. Do you need two roof gardens? You absolutely do: how else would you be able to see the entire city? Or ensure that, whatever the hour, you can always lounge in the sun. (Unless it’s, you know, night.)

Should you tire of all this opulence, the Mandarin houses numerous bar and restaurants, and a wonderfully stocked spa. We hear Shanghai has a fair bit going on, too.

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Los Angeles

“Now this is a story all about how / your life got flipped, turned upside down / relax for a minute, just sit right there / and enjoy your stay in the best suite in Bel Air.”

It may be named the presidential suite, but the jewel in the crown of Hotel Bel-Air is fit for any prince, whether Will Smith or Charles Windsor – the latter once said, “I slept better in the presidential suite of the Bel-Air than in any other hotel in the world.”

And how could HRH fail to enjoy his stay when you consider the splendours on offer. We’re talking private entrance, Spanish-style courtyard, swimming pool, jacuzzi, and garden patio furnished with a fireplace and a seating area spacious enough for supersized parties. Well, if you’re going to work on that California tan, you might as well do so in luxury.

The interior is none too shabby, either. The living room has a grand piano, the dining room seats up to ten people, and, best of all, there’s a wet bar; enjoy a couple of drinks and then have another whack at the piano.

The hotel has hosted numerous Hollywood royalty since its opening in 1946, most famously Marilyn Monroe, a frequent guest for more than a decade. Indeed Monroe’s famous ‘The Last Sitting’ photoshoot took place here – just six weeks before her death. Some places witness history; Hotel Bel-Air is part of it.

Prices up to $18,000 a night – or you can rent for $300,000 for a full month. For more information, see


Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo is one of the most famous hotels in the world, and the €40,000 a night Princess Grace penthouse is the jewel in its crown – a celebration of Monaco’s most famous former resident that doubles up as Monaco’s most exclusive lodging.

Opulence, opulence everywhere: from the rooftop pool and jacuzzi looking across the bay, to the two enormous bedrooms with their own private dressing rooms, to the gleaming in-house spa.

The minimum booking is three nights – or €120,000. Definitely one for the high-rollers.

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Having undergone a major transformation, the VIP suite at Hotel Metropole is officially re-open for business. And let's just say, every stop has been pulled out to ensure staying here feels like one of life's finest luxuries. 

The expansive 240sq m apartment houses a spacious living room, master bedroom with extensive dressing room and vanity cupboard, a voluminous marble and gold bathroom featuring a tub and massage jet shower.

And what would luxury be without a roof terrace that boasts unobstructed views over Monte-Carlo? No need to ask, because there is a terrace and a half to enjoy which, according to the hotel, can be customised to meet guests' needs – such as the time it had grass installed on it for a particular visitor's pet dog. 

Jacques Garcia, who designed the suite, said: "This suite is very aptly named, as it is the most beautiful suite in Monaco, offering an unimpeded view of the Mediterranean and the Casino which is, in architectural terms, one of the Principality’s legends that continues to make us dream of a certain exoticism, admittedly outdated, but still valid.

"Everything here is subservient to luxury. The idea is thus to endow it with more, not ostentatiously, but through elegance, comfort, culture and refinement."

The suite's nightly rate begins at €13,500. For more information, see


The Royal Mansour’s Grand Riad is, as the name promises, fairly grand – 19,375 square feet to be exact. There’s a library, bar, snooker room, cinema room, hammam and gyms, not to mention three or four bedrooms.

The suite is an elegant mix of traditional Moroccan design and modern luxury, with zelliges mosaics, crystal chandeliers and silk drapes. You could spend hours inspecting the intricate details in every room, albeit this would be a slightly sad way to spend your holiday, especially considering the Riad has its own swimming pool and a private garden.

The Riad’s secluded entrance is via an olive-tree lined patio; once inside you will be greeted by a personal butler who, alongside professional chefs and other in-house members of staff, will take care of your every need.

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Turks and Caicos Islands

Amanyara, on the beautiful islands of Turks and Caicos, bottles up a whole lot of luxury with a totally tropical taste. On one side of your five-bed villa you have a private walkway to the beach, including a private lounging terrace on the neighbouring dunes. On the other, you have a private ornamental lake and sunset facing terrace.

Inside the villa you have 6,250 sq ft of interior space and 13,640 sq ft of space under roof. There are 10 individual pavilions including 2 beachfront bedrooms and three facing the ornamental lake. There’s a separated two-person service quarters for your dedicated staff.

The hub of the villa is the private volcanic rock, infinity-edge pool. There are two electric golf carts, in case you want to leave the villa, but we can imagine they’ll spend most of the time in the garage.

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This suite certainly does what it says on the tin… wow – extremely wow, to be precise. On the top floor of the W Singapore, the 2,000sq ft suite is perfect for entertaining: just off the seating area is your very own DJ booth and a fully stocked wet bar.

There’s also a full kitchen, dining area, master bedroom and bathroom with a hot tub. The terrace provides another area to impress with view of the complex and plunge pool.

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Located on the famous La Croisette Boulevard in Cannes, Hôtel Martinez is a heady mix of elegant Riviera with chilled Mediterranean – the perfect combination for a beach front hotel. The penthouse suite itself has spacious living and dining rooms as well as master bedroom with walk in closet – not that you really need that much space for swimming costumes. With access to a private beach there will be no need to wake up at 7am to claim a sunbed.

Back in the suite your private terrace is the perfect spot from which to people watch. The suite is one of the largest in Europe – and, at £35,000 a night – also one of the most expensive.

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Hong Kong

The Ritz-Carlton in Kowloon is one of the tallest hotels in the world, occupying the 103rd to 118th floor of the International Commerce Center. Because it’s on the Kowloon side, the views of the famous Hong Kong skyline are spectacular – and none so much as the 270-degree Victoria Harbour views from the Ritz-Carlton Suite.

When you’re being shown to your suite be sure to take a sniff (stay with us here) as all the corridors are scented with a bespoke fragrance called Black Orchid – even the air here is laced with opulence.

As a guest of the Ritz-Carlton Suite you’ll have a chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce at your disposal throughout your stay, plus daily massages for two at the spa. You’ll have a personal butler; monogrammed bathrobes, towels and pillow cases; and exclusive access to personal-shopping experiences.

The room’s most impressive feature is the giant golden chandelier above the dining room table – a fitting so impressive as to drag your eyes from that view.

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At the highest point of the Layan Residences is this epic seven-bedroom villa, featuring seamlessly connected indoor and outdoor living spaces, as well as an impressive infinity pool. All of its seven bedrooms boast breathtaking views of the Andaman Sea so there should be no fighting over room selection.

In the evenings, you can go up to the roof terrace or down to the deck – both areas are ideal for sundowners. With a live-in butler, private chef, plus spa and wellness facilities, this place is built for relaxation.

There’s a wine cellar and ‘man cave’ with pool table and wet bar; there’s also a private cinema room with recliner sofas for eight.

Bathrooms include ‘emotional sensory showers’ which come loaded with massaging water jets, lighting changes, and fragrances. We’ll go for the ‘stinking rich’ option, please.

30,000 sq ft; from £4,750 per night.

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Abu Dhabi

Enjoy sunrise over the sands, race across the Liwa desert dunes and refresh with ancient hammam rituals – welcome to Abu Dhabi’s Qasr Al Sarab by Anantara.

The 2260sq ft three-bedroom Anantara family pool villa here includes indoor and outdoor living and dining spaces, a private plunge pool, and dramatic views of the surrounding desert.

The bedrooms are furnished with bespoke pieces from local craftsmen, and the bathrooms include rain showers, oversized tubs and luxury spa services on tap.

From £3,575; 2260sq ft. For more information, see 


When it comes to airports, suites don’t become more impressive than Heathrow VIP’s. That's because this elite airport service provides each client with their own private suite for their airport wait – like having a business class lounge all to yourself.

Travel to the airport is suitably luxury – you’re picked up from home or work in a chauffeur-driven 7-Series BMW. On arrival your hold baggage will be taken off to the airplane for you, allowing you to indulge in the lounge’s amenities. These include Michelin-star dining from Jason Atherton, a shopping concierge, and fine art exhibitions from Tanya Baxter Contemporary.

Best of all, you’ll be driven straight to the door of the plane bypassing any queues and straight on to the plane. Just remember to turn left when you board.

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