The world’s most versatile aircraft

Making better use of your time, the PC-12 NGX is the consummate transport tool for business and leisure – and an asset that makes sound economic sense

Pilatus PC-12

Interest in aircraft charter and private ownership has been on the rise since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, as travellers are looking to fly in comfort, save time and minimise the chance of virus transmission while travelling with family and colleagues.

With the anticipated easing of lockdown and the lifting of travel restrictions, now is the time to plan your next flying adventure.

The Pilatus PC-12 NGX is the most popular turbo-prop in its class worldwide; it's for good reason we call it the Swiss Army Knife of the skies.

Known for their fine attention to detail with build quality surpassing anything in its class and beyond, Swiss manufacturer Pilatus have created an aircraft that is as at home in Australia’s rugged terrain as the Flying Doctor’s access-anywhere tool as it is flying passengers to and from destinations on business.

Pilatus PC-12

Tough, reliable and versatile, the PC-12 has many unique attributes.

It can land on a variety of surfaces including short field and doesn’t require tarmac.

It also offers a cargo door wide enough to load all manner of outdoor activity equipment with the additional benefit of being able to access luggage in-flight, while also taking you far closer to your destination than any other aircraft of this size.

‘Pilatus PC-12 – One of a kind, ready for anything’ -Flying magazine

A weekend away exploring Scottish Highlands and luxury private clubs? Keen to fly closer to your destination? No problem. The versatile PC-12 lands easily and directly into short airfields and even private grass strips.

With top-line avionics featuring in its advanced flight deck, class-leading luxurious interior space affords a variety of seat configurations carrying up to 10 passengers and requiring only one pilot.

Owning an aircraft needs to make good financial sense so why would you choose a Pilatus PC-12 over its competitors? Unmatched operating costs alongside impressive range and fuel usage with the strongest residual values commanded by any aircraft in the industry reaffirms why the choice to buy this outstandingly capable aircraft makes sense.

Unlike most private aircraft that start depreciating from the first take off, Pilatus’ build quality combined with correct demand and supply management in the market ensure that you will likely achieve up to 80% of its original value after the first 10 years, meaning Pilatus boast the strongest residual value retention rates for any business aircraft on the market. No other business aviation aircraft of any size or class comes close.

For convenience, speed, safety and style, the Pilatus PC-12 is a sound choice.

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