Fraser Hart is synonymous with men’s luxury watches and jewellery in the UK.

The brand has 28 showrooms across the country and is the ideal place to shop for luxury accessories or a special engagement ring.

Recently, they caught up with renowned fashion photographer Alistair Guy to discuss his first watch, his first jewellery memories, and what he considers when shopping for a new watch.

Do you have any early jewellery memories from your childhood?

My first watch was a Snoopy watch with a blue strap – and after that I used to collect Swatch watches; I especially loved to swap the straps and customise them.

I think I’ve definitely moved on from the Snoopy ones, but they still hold a sentimental place in my childhood.

Describe your own jewellery style…

I enjoy classic, timeless designs. Particularly those pieces that are not too large and are comfortable. I feel the more simple a pieceof jewellery is, the more you can wear it with any outfit or for any occasion.

What jewellery do you wear every day?

My daily is an IWC Spitfire Pilot’s watch and I usually wear a silver bracelet by Daniella Draper on my other wrist. Analogue watches thankfully have come back into fashion. I don’t believe electronic, or battery powered watches have any real classic appeal for collectors. 

What informs the perfect watch purchase?

I think for everyone, it should come down to their own unique set of tastes. Pieces I go for would be the more classic makes or styles. I’d also always go for something that I know I could wear every day.

Other pieces that maybe feature a steel or gold bracelet would be better suited to the more formal events that I would attend. I’d usually consider all these factors when I go to visit stores and try on different ones with a sales rep.

What is your dream watch from Fraser Hart’s extensive collection?

For me, it has to be an IWC as they are such good quality and are a really good example of that classic design.

Classic timepieces are a genuine investment for yourself and your style and are something you can keep forever when you look after them properly. I would recommend them to anyone. 

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