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Best new watches under £5,000: SIHH 2018

Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) is renowned for its high-end watches, but among the glitz and glamour there is still good value to be found. Ben Winstanley sniffs out the best deals of this year's show

Best new watches under £5,000: SIHH 2018

SIHH is renowned for its sparkling haute horlogerie – read: bank account-draining beauties – but this year we found a few notable exceptions. These watches offer the same quality craftsmanship as their spendy cousins, but still find a way to fly south of £5,000.

What’s most impressive about these value propositions (a relative term, we appreciate) is they feel anything but: who cares if your watch is made of steel or doesn’t have a showy complication when it looks like these great timepieces?