From the intricate craftsmanship of a guilloché finish to the painstaking execution of a metiers d’art grand feu enamel dial, horology and art are implicitly entwined. Which is one of the main reasons Breguet decided to partner with Frieze – the series of contemporary art fairs – for a second year in a row.

Beyond this obvious connection, many artists are also part of the brand's clientele with some even being inspired by Breguet in their creations. For example, painter Hans Erni placed Breguet’s founder, Abraham-Louis, at the core of his work ‘Philosophy of the Measurement of Time.’

Now that Frieze London has returned to Regent’s Park, what has Breguet got in store?

Working with independent curator Somi Sim, the latest exhibition is called ‘Resisting Time’. It explores the possibilities of time as a resistance to the conventions, customs and hierarchies that dominate our daily lives, as well as looking at how artists themselves expand time-keeping practices.

Work by Julien Coignet

Somi Sim explains her artistic choice: “When I visited the Breguet Manufacture earlier this year, I was profoundly impressed by the craftsmanship and dedication of the watchmakers.

“Observing these artisans as they immersed themselves in watchmaking, balancing their bodies and minds, reminded me of two artists: Hanne Darboven and Julien Coignet.

“Both artists share a common thread in their practices of counting, collecting, and recording time while evolving their own creative systems and daily labour.”

Naturally, alongside the art works, there will be live exhibitions of Breguet’s watchmaking prowess, too. We may be a long way from Vallée de Joux, but for the duration of Frieze London at least, some of that artistry will be taking up residency in Regent’s Park.

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