From Snowflake to Skyflake: Japan’s peak watchmaking reaches London

The purpose of a timepiece is exquisitely simple; to measure the passage of time. The art of watchmaking, however, is to measure time with precision that will endure – a challenge Grand Seiko has relished since the brand's first timepiece in 1960

From the very beginning, Grand Seiko aimed to make the most precise, durable, comfortable and beautiful watch as possible – a uniquely Japanese aesthetic ingrained within the dial of each of its handcrafted timepieces.

Grand Seiko is not a brand that accepts compromise. Before their invention of the Spring Drive, you had a choice: wear a mechanical watch and put up with occasionally being late, or select a quartz watch and take it for a new battery every few months. But since 1999, after nearly three decades of development, there is a third way…

Spring Driven Precision

The Spring Drive movement, pioneered by Seiko Watch Corporation’s engineers, generates energy like a conventional mechanical watch – with a mainspring – but combines this with an electronic regulator to deliver a level of precision that no mechanical watch can match.

Twenty years on, it has become recognised as one of the most important developments in the recent history of luxury watchmaking.

Grand Seiko 'Snowflake' Spring Drive Titanium
Grand Seiko 'Skyflake' Spring Drive

Introducing Grand Seiko’s Latest Spring Drive

Newly available in London, the latest design is christened ‘Skyflake’ by fans, and features a textured granular snow-like surface similar to the iconic Grand Seiko ‘Snowflake’ watch.

Its wintry pale blue dial is inspired by inspired by the beauty of the Hotaka mountains in the Shinshu region, near where Spring Drive is created today.

The 'Skyflake' features a wintry pale blue dial inspired by the Hotaka mountains

Uniquely Japanese Manufacture

The Spring Drive is not only a tribute to Grand Seiko’s quest for timekeeping precision, but also a symbol of a company that prides itself on pushing boundaries – the Seiko Watch Corporation invented quartz, after all.

What elevates Grand Seiko further is its incredibly rare status as a true manufacture – meaning complete vertical integration of the production process, with every single timepiece being finished by hand.

Very few Swiss manufacturers can make the same claim – and none can match Grand Seiko’s Japanese aesthetic.

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