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How a retreat can change your life

Safi Thind hit his mid forties and realised he needed help. He turned to men’s retreat specialist Unmasked Man for guidance

Live long and prosper: the world’s top longevity centres

Do you want to live longer? Using advanced technologies alongside diagnostics and data, these are the longevity centres designed to help. ‘Live fast, die young’ has become ‘live slow, die old’…

Best wellness cures for 2020

Safi Thind looks into wellness cures for the winter including WholyMe Relief Balm (not what it sounds like)

"I make money by finding companies that exploit people." The woman shaking up Wall Street

Fahmi Quadir never wanted to work in hedge funds. So how has the 28-year-old ended up as a successful short seller and founder of her own fund, Safkhet Capital?

Bright lights, big city, and an afternoon with Jay McInerney

Jay McInerney chronicled New York in its 1980s heyday in his book Bright Lights Big City – one of the most influential novels of its generation. We sent Safi Thind to the Big Apple to find out what the author is working on now

The 6 best casinos in London – from glitzy palaces to exclusive gambling dens

London's casinos are considered some of the finest in the world, luring the rich, and the incredibly rich, to their tables. These are seven of the best

Jim Rickards is the Master of Disaster

When it comes to expressing an opinion, financial commentator Jim Rickards isn’t afraid to speak up. So is there any truth in his claims of an impending financial crisis?

Papua New Guinea: Rough, ready and beautiful

As one of the world's last untamed destination, Papua New Guinea has a reputation as fearsome as it is intriguing

The best boutique hotels in New York

New York may be the city that never sleeps, but you'll need to take five at some point... here we present NYC's best boutique hotels

Best boutique hotels in London

Check into the capital in style at one of the best boutique hotels in London. Accept no imitators...

Singapore Travel Guide: inside the host of the Trump-Jong-un summit

Hot on the heels of two of the world’s most recognisable figures, Safi Thind travels to Singapore to take stock of what’s on offer

Benedict Allen on the new golden age of exploration

Explorer Benedict Allen has ended up in some pretty hairy situations in some of the world’s remotest locations, but there’s nothing on this planet that will quash his passion for discovery

"Everyone thinks I’m doing incredible stuff – but it’s all possible." Can Wim Hof unlock your mind?

When you’ve run a marathon above the Arctic Circle with bare feet, you’re surely one-of-a kind? According to Wim Hof, who did just that, anyone can actually do it. Safi Thind learns his secrets

The best wellness retreats in the world

These destinations are more than just places to get away from it all – they will re-charge your mind, body and soul, says Safi Thind

Jim Chanos on bench pressing, short selling, and the importance of immigration

Legendary short seller Jim Chanos is unapologetic in his defence of what he believes is one of the finance world’s most crucial roles, and his predictions for the future are just as steadfast

Sublimotion is the Willy Wonka dining experience that will blow your mind

The world's most expensive restaurant offers a virtual reality dining experience full of deception, cabaret, Britney Spears hits and Satan carving some tuna. finds out if the food lives up to expectation, or if it's all smoke and mirrors

Cumbria to Yorkshire is the great British walk you must experience

Walk from Cumbria to Yorkshire? 200 miles in ten days? No problem, or so Safi Thind thought before attempting the epic trek

Gstaad is the Alpine village where the rich go to play

A snowy playground for the mega-rich, Gstaad is a place where old-school glamour and high-class hotels are very much the order of the day

Go behind the scenes of the world's most expensive tailor

Savile Row’s most distinguished tailor, Huntsman, is staying a step ahead with the help of a fund manager