Life as a DJ can be pretty stressful. The jetsetting, the late nights, hours spent working in the studio. (Yes, there are also bonuses. We assume.) 

Sometimes it's good to relax and clear the mind. Some use yoga. Some meditate. Chris Lake plays the mobile phone game Clash Royale. 

"I’m most likely getting my ass kicked by eight year olds," Lake admits, "but it helps clear my head." 

Frankly, it sounds more fun than downward dog et al. Keep Clashing, Chris! 

Read on for more info on the contents of his phone... 

On the phone – Chris Lake

What was the last text you sent? 

To one of my colleagues who asked me what I thought to the new Calvin Harris single and I said it like it, super simple’

What number do you call the most?

Chris Lorenzo. He’s my partner in crime for my group ‘Anti Up’ and I speak to him all the time. Next up would be my manager Brett

What was the last photo you took?

Sent this to my buddy after doing a fresh install on my PC of all my software and laughing at how large Call Of Duty is to install.

What was the last video you took?

A video of my wife writing music in bed. She’s very talented!

What was your last Google search – and what was the context?

I was googling about new monitor speakers for when I’m mixing tracks down in the studio. Boring stuff really

What was the last podcast you listened to?

“Man in the window: Golden State killer.”

Pretty heavy stuff to be honest.

It’s a pretty long podcast if you add up all the episodes (I think around seven or eight) but fascinating hearing all the things this guy got away with for so long. Horrible.

What is your favourite app (ideally non-social media related)?

It’s called Clash Royale.

I play this game all the time. For years I’ve played it. It calms me down. 

I’m most likely getting my ass kicked by eight year olds every day, but it’s simple, short strategic games and it helps clear my head.

What is your most liked Instagram post?

Hmmmmm. No idea. Think it was a video I posted when playing Coachella in 2018. It was a mental vibe there. Wish I could go back to that right now!

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