How did you end up in Ibiza?

I first came to Ibiza in 2007 just for a few days to look at potential sites to open Lineker's Ibiza, luckily we found the perfect site and we went on to open in May 2008! So I came over to be a partner and manager of the business.

What makes a great day club?

A day club has to do everything well. From looking amazing when the client arrives, to serving high end food and drinks, to having a great pool, amazing music, great staff and service and if your lucky or have a day club in Ibiza, the perfect balearic weather! So I think its important to have all of those ingredients and that they all come together to give the client a memorable experience that they want to repeat again and again.

What’s the best thing about running Ocean Beach?

The amazing feedback and smiles we see on our clients and employee's faces. It makes all the hard bits worth it when you see people enjoying the experience with their friends or family.

And the worst?

To be honest not a lot of bad points to say really, I love the job and the industry. You get the odd stressful day but so does any job. Its important not to let it get to you too much and keep your eyes open to the bigger picture and see what’s going on around you with seeing how many amazing people are having the best time.

Do you have a favourite set from recent years?

I probably don't have a specific DJ set in mind but I would say I generally love the music on our Saturdays. The music is a variety of funky vocal hour with a disco edge which really works daytime so I think for me that’s the day I like most musically.

Who would you most like to book for a set?

One thing we pride ourselves at Ocean Beach is not being all about the big name DJs. Don't get me wrong we still have them but our focus isn't solely selling beds or tickets because we have booked and paid X amount for a headline DJ. It is important our clients want to come to our venue for more than just a DJ name, they come for the music, the venue, the atmosphere and experience. Although saying that, I would love to hear a disco and funk set from Carl Cox in here one day.

You must have enjoyed some pretty crazy experiences down the years – what’s the wildest?

I think one of the craziest things was the reaction Conor McGregor got when he came to the club. Usually celebs like to come through the back door but he was such a showman, he came through the main exit draped in an Irish flag and walked right through the crowd, the crowd went absolutely wild, there was 1000s of people clambering to get his attention or to get a photo. He then went up on the DJ booth partying with his friends and family. He was a really good guy and very generous with his time when people were asking for photos etc.

Who’s the most famous name you’ve had down to the club?

Well as mentioned above Conor definitely got the most attention but I would have to say was probably Ed Sheeran. He is a global superstar and again although a little more discreet he was so nice and loved the club so much. He has promised to come back very soon.

Has your uncle [Gary Lineker] ever been?

Not yet, he has mentioned he may be making a quick Ibiza trip after the World Cup, so hopefully can get a chance to come then.

Tell us a good anecdote about Gary we won’t have heard…

I think would have to be about my Dad (Wayne Lineker) and Gary when they were young. Like most brothers they told me they used to fight a lot. But I think they used to get a bit more serious than most brothers, with one resulting in my Dad near killing Gary by throwing a brick at his head. Luckily it just missed and the rest is history as they say.

Describe your perfect day in Ibiza…

I love taking a day away from my day job and spending it with my family and some friends. I do love a boat day over to the beaches of formentera or a day at Destino or Cala Bassa beach when it is not to busy. Also just a BBQ at my place with friends and family around the pool is a great day off.

Is there any piece of gear (watch, etc) that you couldn’t live without?

Like 99% of people I think I would have to say my phone. Its where I do most of my work from and really couldn't be without it. But my luxury piece is probably my watch that I was very fortunate to receive as a gift from my Dad last Christmas, lucky boy.

What are your ambitions for the future?

Lots haha. I am very excited for the next few years, we now feel like we are ready to take the next step with Ocean Beach and look to expand the brand in to new territories, so hopefully ibiza will not be the only Ocean Beach in the near future. Also I am very excited to be bringing up my young family, I have a daughter who is now two and next year myself and my fiancé Megan will get married and then hopefully add another 1 or 2 to the family. I am sure there will be lots of other business challenges and ventures on the horizon in the next few years also. Keep an eye out for Skinny Kitchen our health food restaurant concept, which we are hoping will expand via multiple franchises over the next few years.

Duane is the co-founder of Ocean Beach Ibiza, which is located on the S'Arenal waterfront in San Antonio. The club specialises in lavish day parties seven days a week, offering various VIP experiences plus an al fresco restaurant.