With hefty roles in the likes of On Chesil Beach, Outlaw King and The Serpent in recent years, Billy Howle is making a name for himself on film and TV.  

Currently Howle is picking up plaudits for The Beast Must Die, the BritBox thriller in which he plays a detective struggling with PTSD.  

Howle is one of Britain's most accomplished young actors – and it was a pleasure to venture into his workshop.

What was your ‘big break?’

I don’t know if I’m best qualified to answer this. I have always allowed the work to speak for itself.

Some work I’ve done, that I would consider very good work, has never received the recognition it deserved. Other work has.

Big breaks can be damaging in the long run, for a plethora of reasons. The idea of big breaks are too, in my opinion. I’m just ploughing my furrow.

What film / theatre production changed your life? 

Tarkovsky’s ‘Stalker’. It wasn’t available to view anywhere in the UK but I found a DVD and haven’t looked back.

Everyone should see this film. This is Film epitomised. It’s pure art. There’s not a lot of that about.

Who’s your acting inspiration?

Klaus Kinski. The guy is untethered expression of the deepest thoughts, feelings and emotions. Bringing the esoteric and complex back down to earth and into our eyes.

What’s the dream role you haven’t yet played? 

Hamlet! It’s on my bookcase staring at me. Could be in the pipeline...

What person – contemporary or historical – would you play in a biopic?

Keith Moon - need I say more?

Billy Howle
Billy Howle

Let’s play snog, marry, avoid, only with Film, Theatre and TV. What are your picks and why?

  • Snog – Ade Edmondson
  • Marry – Rik Mayall
  • Avoid – (not in film and TV, but likes to think of themselves as a performer) Boris Johnson. Avoiding because I don’t know what I might do to him.

Cast your perfect James Bond film with contemporary actors (feel free to include yourself). Who’s playing...

  • Bond – Robin Williams

  • The Villain – Me obviously

  • The Henchman – Asim Chaudhry

  • The Girl – Miriam Margolyes

What beloved work – film, TV show or play – do you think is totally overrated and why?

I would have to say Downton Abbey.

I feel we need to avoid making period dramas that predominantly appeal to the American audience, as it can perhaps warps their perception of what the British people are actually about and who we are.

And what work do you think deserves more love?

Jam – Chris Morris

What upcoming projects of yours should we look out for?

  • The Beast Must Die
  • Infinite Storm
  • Chloe

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The Beast Must Die is currently streaming on BritBox